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Caged to reflect

Sukina - Locked upFIDELIS SUKINA

Caged crying screaming,
Let it all out,
Tears running sweat dripping,
Shaking rattling, kicking for notice,

Nothing, nothing at all,
Screaming high pitched,
Screaming so loud,
Ears ringing feeling lost, forgotten,

Caged, locked away with no key,
Caged for knowing too much,
Caged for all the wrong reasons,
Shouting again, and again

Deep breaths, for deep screams
Strong kicks but no notice,
Lying tossing turning, in the darkness,
The dungeon a retched place,

Roaches, rats, the housemates
Of a lowly prisoner,
Stench, of failure stench of urine and faecal matter,
Rot with the hopes of freedom,

Caged, chained and forced to suffer,
No choice but to submit and recollect,
Caged, mourning and weeping to no avail,
Maybe this will change your ways for good.


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