Assistance required to complete a history of the Simbu
Kids have so much to offer: but not exploitation & petty crime

Creating the path for peace and harmony in PNG

Peace (Philip Kaupa)PHILIP G KAUPA

An entry in the Rivers Prize for
Writing on Peace & Harmony

Share the burden of a mother
Take her as a sister, a daughter
Love one as wife
And let polygamy reign no more
Humiliate lust, cage the rapist
Let no women face fear
Put on her happy face
And send violent hearts to exile
Let at ease a women’s heart
Hence cometh calm dwell

Let man bear the weights of harvest
When it’s expected of women
Build your wantoks house
And burn them no more
Let no hands blister
Quench a tongue that thirsts
Unite all and carry each shoulder
Pour harvest to each other
Let a cup of water say welcome
And the smiling local dishes gather all

Sign the voice of smoke
And sound the garamut
Gather tribes from afar
And trade with barter
Feast, sing and dance
Let the kundu drums be heard
Room no observer, smile every hearts
And bond them each to each
Undress the enemy armour
Feed them to the hungry fire
Linger not tribal differences
Let sorcery and black magic be myths
Make no enemy to any

Be the rain in a dry soul
See beyond smiles and tears
Shower love like the meteors
And bestow share and care to every hearts
Light a lamp in the smoky hut
Spare a blanket for the cold
And light a smile to the old
Wipe the tears of a patient, heal her heart
Visit a prisoner and free his mind
Empty the jar of kindness
Feed all and let no one without
Let greed and hatred vanish like mist

Fill the potholes without expectation
Let the traveller pass without hesitation
Make no guns and knives walk the highways
And let the sea consume evil pirates
To whom our fish and trees were stolen
May curse follow their path and perish their wealth
Let the tourists walk our isolation
Put away the bottles of curse
And let no child taste its bitterness
Breed not fear in neighbourhoods
Let’s hear the laughter of girls
And the music of kids echoing free at night

From whom corruption sources
Set it ablaze with honesty
And uproot with transparency
Give not least to the natives
Let no foreigners take our land
Wear MPs with the hat of kiaps
And fill our bureaucrats with brains of ants
Give them the arrow and shield of righteousness
And let there be tinted glass no more
Abandon the fields of Waigani
And the shores abroad
Make rural be the five star destination
Leave hide and seek for the kids
Let us raise the dreams of our poor fathers

Let peace be our energy
Like the sun that keeps coming
Let harmony be our force
Like the wind and the falls
Let us rise with our pledge
Unite with our anthem
From the mountains to the seas
And show the world our emblem
Make PNG be one
And not a nation of many nations
Let us live in peace and harmony
Let us make PNG a true paradise


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