Kiaps need to get off the defensive & acknowledge their flaws
Attempted Juffa ousting is threat to nation says deputy PM

Delilah Gore’s leadership – from ray of hope to spent flame


WHEN Delilah Gore (pictured) walked into parliament that first day, women across Papua New Guinea stood still and were in tears.

She gave us, the women of Papua New Guinea, a feeling of freshness; a freshness to leadership that women’s groups observed was declining in this country.

She was our ray of hope.

But then Delilah Gore started to lose her shine.

Her leadership style was no different to the styles women had been critiquing and challenging. She thought and issued her statements like the men did.

The first instance was when she refused to respect a young Air Niugini stewardess on an aircraft preparing for departure. This gave her attention women’s groups didn’t want.

Next she was made Minister for Higher Education and the first thing she said to protesting students of the PNG University of Technology was “go back to class or else”.

Now she is caught in the plot to remove Governor Gary Juffa from office and install the MP for Ijivitari, David Arore, as the new Governor.

Delilah Gore is alleged to have sponsored meetings at the Grand Papua Hotel in Port Moresby where the plans were made for Mr Juffa’s ouster.

She is then said to have arranged for Southern Command Police to fly from Kiunga to Oro’s provincial capital of Popondetta to support her plot with David Arore.

Ms Gore is member for Sohe, a rural electorate in Oro Province which sees very few government services. Her people voted for her as they hoped that maybe a woman would bring some positive change.

Sohe benefits from oil palm development. But while many people like to talk about the monetary returns of oil palm, life on the plantations has never been good, especially for women and children.

The development of oil palm plantations has led to large scale land grabbing and illegal logging in Papua New Guinea, the very things Governor Gary Juffa has been standing up against.

These land grabbing activities have forced families off their land and helped to increase poverty levels in PNG.

Oil palm development comes after many trees have been cleared and leave our shores unaccounted for.

Illegal logging is rampant in this country and Ms Gore’s actions against Gary Juffa’s fight to clean up Oro as an example to Papua New Guinea are questionable.


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Daniel Ipan Kumbon

Rosa, it's a good article especially by another woman.The minister needs that kind of criticism for her own political survival.

I do not want to offend you, the minister, Dame Carol Kidu or our other women of PNG but the article reminds me of a statement a male candidate made against a female contender for the Enga Regional Seat a few years ago: 'That a woman does not climb tribes.'

Michael Dom

Maybe John Kila, you would enlighten everyone about what Delilah Gore has done for Sohe since her election, since you imply that you do know what she has been up to apart from the negative publicity.

John Kila

We have the right to express ourselves as we please. But have you guys gone to Sohe District and saw what she has been doing as their local member?

You guys are squandering over her for not being a perfect politician...politician will never be honest in their dealings...

Whether you're a pastor or clergyman, going into (PNG) politics will require getting your hands dirty. Why is all the hype about? Is it because of 22 women bill and so forth!

What she is trying to say about the aspiring women politician is-just go out there and campaign like rest of the men..and not to look for easy way out.Sweat for it and play it the true Melanesian way. To use her and her other two colleges to find a an easy way in while driving around in your comfort zones is pure laziness.

You guys should know that being a celebrity comes at price! One silly move and all the good deeds are forgotten...Such a shame what the world as come too.

If she ever returns as the Sohe MP again, you all should hang your head shame!! because she was elected to serve her people and not your egos!

Peter Pirape Anage

The much hyped model of what epitomised the women's empowerment movement in PNG appears to be assuming the character of the old.

And somebody needs to remind MP Gore and her cohort Arore that Governor Juffa has a much higher benchmark he measures up to. Not so sure about theirs.

On a brighter note, pawns have been exposed, will be opposed and eventually disposed.

Amen to the greater good and congratulations, Governor Juffa, for carrying the heavy cross. It will pay in the long run.

Arnold Mundua

Too arrogant I think. Dame Carol Kidu was the best female PNG politician in history so far. None of the current and past female politicians have come close to her.

John Kaupa Kamasua

Rosa, a very candid assessment coming from a woman. I admire that.

Barbara Short

Thank you, Rosa. Excellent article. Please keep following the antics of Delilah Gore. She has been a great disappointment.

I taught many wonderful women from Oro Province when I was at Keravat. Sadly one of the best was killed in a car accident years ago.

Delilah has obviously followed the wrong men and really does not seem to have a voice of her own.

Robin Lillicrapp

The historic "Delilah" also earned an unsavoury reputation for deceiving those closest to her....

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