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PNG governors say they want greater provincial autonomy

Enduwa Kombuglu

Michael Dom hsMICHAEL DOM

Thanks to Chris Overland, I think it’s time this one was published. Written on the shuttle bus en route from Brisbane to Noosa, July 2014 - MD

Ooo Enduwa Kombuglu,
San emi save holim het bilong yu pastaim tru
Olsem blessing bilong tumbuna man
Na tulait emi save holim pasim yu
Olsem yangpela meri ino marit iet.

Ooo Enduwa Kombuglu,
Mun emi save kis long het bilong yu, naispela tru
Olsem laikim bilong tumbuna meri
Na nait emi save wokabaut wantaim yu
Olsem wanpela meri i laik marit.     

Ooo Enduwa Kombuglu,
Kol win emi save karai long strong bilong yu
Na ren emi save pundaun antap long yu
Olsem ai wara bilong pikinini
Na wasim sikin bilong yu.

Ooo Enduwa Kombuglu,
Ol man bilong narapela hap
Ol givim nem bilong ol iet long yu
Na paulim tingting bilong ol tumbuna pikinini
Ol i bagarapim graun ol iet i silip long em
Na ol i  raun nating olsem dok ino gat haus.

Ooo Enduwa Kombuglu,
Yu sanap wantaim bun bilong graun
Olsem yu ibin sanap long taim, long taim bipo
Tasol ol pikinini bilong yu
Ol i tingting long hamamas boling nau, nau tasol.

Ooo Enduwa Kombuglu,
Yu sutim nus bilong yu igo antap long lukim heven
Tasol ol pikinini bilong yu
Ol lus tingting pinis long pasin bilong sanap strong tru
Na ol i sutim graun na lukim ples nogut.

Ooo Enduwa Kombuglu,
Yu ino wari tumas long ol pikinini bilong yu
Yu wan tasol bai yu lukim pinis bilong olgeta hap graun
Mipela ol pikinini raun antap, antap tasol
Na ino fit long holim bun bilong yu.


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