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Gary Juffa


THE Governor of Papua New Guinea's Oro Province, Gary Juffa MP, has described as illegal an attempt by members of the Provincial Assembly to oust him.

Reports emerging from PNG late today signalled that members of the assembly tried to force a vote against Mr Juffa and replace him with MP David Arore.

It comes at a time when Governor Juffa has cracked down on illegal logging in the province and instigated new control measures on the expenditure of public funds.

Mr Arore and the other Oro MP, fellow government member Delilah Gore, have sided against Mr Juffa.

However a police complaint has been laid against Mr Arore for allegedly breaking and entering the Office of Governor.

Mr Juffa says Mr Arore cannot simply declare himself Governor through illegal means.

"Because they were notified that the assembly has been postponed; they were also notified that the meeting would be illegal by the relevant authorities.

“So, having known all this and having all this information, they still went ahead and did these things."

Gary Juffa says the group who have tried to remove him have been supported by Asian logging entities whose illegal operations in the province he has refused to allow to continue.

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Robin Lillicrapp

Stand your ground, Gary.

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