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THE chair of the Sydney-based Jubilee Australia, Luke Fletcher, has rejected criticism by Bougainville President John Momis that a recent report by the organisation was biased and methodologically flawed.

The report, entitled Voices of Bougainville, was based on a survey of 65 people in the Panguna area of Bougainville who it said were universally against the resumption of mining in their area.

Mr Fletcher (pictured) said his organisation had undertaken a detailed review to address the concerns raised by Dr Momis.

In a letter obtained by PNG Attitude, Dr Momis called the report “factually inaccurate, biased, methodologically unsound and dishonest" in claiming that interviews with 65 selected individuals represented the voices of 300,000 Bougainvilleans.

Mr Fletcher said the mission of Jubilee Australia is “to protect and promote the human rights of those whose lives are affected by the activities of Australian companies, financial institutions and government."

He said Jubilee Australia “became aware that significant currents of opinion in mine-affected communities may reflect perspectives differing from those often reported in mainstream media” and that the “research was designed to seek a clearer understanding of perspectives within mine-affected communities.”

“The central purpose of the report was to understand the views of people in the Panguna region on the potential reopening of the mine in the context of past experiences,” Mr Fletcher said.

A secondary purpose was to “document subjective experiences and perceptions of a wide cross‐section of individuals and groups affected by the mine to help inform the wider public debate.”

Mr Fletcher said the research was not intended to appraise a consultation process already underway or the performance of the Autonomous Bougainville Government.

On the issue of inadequate methodology, Mr Fletcher said the “report makes no claim to have employed random sampling methods” and that “Jubilee Australia believes that the choice of sampling method is valid and appropriate”.

On the question of bias, he said the research team was “highly professional and aware of the need for the research to be conducted in an as impartial, rigorous and systematic way as possible”.

You can read Mr Fletcher’s response in full here - Download Jubilee Australia's_Response to President Momis


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