Tertiary institution places susceptible to bribery & foul-play
Assistance required to complete a history of the Simbu

My love for Simbu gives peace

I love mountainous Simbu (Jimmy Awagl)JIMMY AWAGL

An entry in the Rivers Prize for
Writing on Peace & Harmony

I need to afford what I love
Since needs and wants are still out of love
That I will still pursue till I secure
Then I only immense within the pool of peace till
I find satisfaction with my love for peace

I love a crocodile with ugly features
But it is out of love that the ugly creature
Is subject to the desire of love
As the ugly crocodile walks towards me than
The love is subject to reality and I am at peace

I love material goods and blended as basic
Needs and wants for immediate and long term effects
I afford my desire without its durability
But my love for specifies its use and life span
As I afford them I am at peace

I love taming pigs to maintain my identity
Since Simbu is well-known for ‘grease pig’ means wealth
Having the love for pigs source income
What I love is wealth and identity
As I own what I love for gives me peace

I love mountainous Simbu
As it owns irregular geographical features
But it’s a province of uniqueness
Has the modern art of welcome and reception
As long as I reside in my love province than I am at peace


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Jimmy Awagl

Thanks John, Arnold, Philip and Mathias for your remarks regarding the lines and the photo.

This is how original the beauty of Simbu is. We need to discover the natural beauty of Simbu and document such.

John Kaupa Kamasua

Jimmy, just came back from Simbu, the picture is priceless!

Arnold Mundua

The photo! A real beauty. Some more...angra.

Philip G Kaupa

The words that stitches our highness. Awesome piece bro!

Mathias Kin

Such a beautiful landscape.

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