Bougainville warlord threatens landowners over payment
Maisin people fight against illegal land grab in Collingwood Bay

My original mind, where are you?


An entry in the Rivers Prize for
Writing on Peace & Harmony

My original mind where are you?
I can only hear you in whispers.

In your inaudibility I have sought peace and harmony
in this defiled sanctuary that I am clothed with.

My original mind where are you?
In your invisibility I have looked away from God, my beloved father

And instead followed the shadows of ignorance
and emptiness cast upon my life by the joker.

Where are you my original mind?
I have inflicted so much sorrow on my consciousness

That I cannot look upon its face scarred
with so much guilt with confidence.

It is deformed with my inequities so that
there is no bliss for God my father to look upon with delight.

Where are you my original mind?
I seek everlasting peace and harmony in my mind.

I’ve tasted the salt of the earth and the spring from its inner core for
Long enough that I longed to quench my thirst
and defeat my hunger with the manna from the East.

My original mind where are you?
Without you I am homeless.

Since I have left my father’s house
I have been roaming this fast hollow space
Where I’ve been led aimlessly to my death.

Stumbling and fumbling all my life
on this broken road is my story so far.
Over the horizon all I can see is nothing but the cherubim of fire.

My original mind where are you?
Is it where the rising of the sun that I will find peace and harmony?
Oh speak to me I am all tired and wretched with this heavy load

Where are you my original mind?
For I see a nation in turmoil where unity and love is no longer our banner.
Make your presence known that I may lay my life for my nation and God.

Not for money or wealth but to build the castle
of twelve pearly gates of love here in my beloved PNG,
so that peace and harmony reign supreme for eternity.


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