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Simbu Writers Association begins Croc Prize 2015 planning

Crocodile Prize organisers meet in SimbuJIMMY AWAGL

THE Simbu Writers Association is only six months old as a writing organisation but it is already gearing up for two major activities to accomplish in September 2015.

Over the weekend, the seven-member committee met to deliberate on how the SWA will host and manage the 2015 Crocodile Prize in Kundiawa.

Also on the agenda was the second year of promoting the home-grown concept of ‘Simbu for Literary Excellence’ which involves all high schools in the province in literary and related activities.

The committee got together at 11:00 Saturday at Gum Tree Lookout in Kundiawa. The members were pleased to welcome Jimmy Drekore, recently appointed chairman of the Crocodile Prize Organisation and also SWA president.

His presence gave emotional elevation and confidence to the members as they embarked on their discussion of the two events.

Francis Nii presented a seven-page planning document on the 2015 Crocodile Prize, to be hosted by SWA on 18-19 September.

The members scrutinised the document and provided comments, critique and adjustments and came to a consensus.

The plan has been forwarded to the Keith Jackson and Phil Fitzpatrick for their input and feedback.

A Simbu Crocodile Prize Organising Committee was then appointed comprising Joe Kunda (Provincial Administrator), Essy Walkaima (Provincial Education Administrator), Gabriel Aina (Principal, Kondiu Secondary School), Ware Mukale (Head Teacher, Ku High School) and Jimmy Drekore (COG Chairman and SWA President) as well as SWA team members.

The first day of the meeting saw bright smiles on the faces of SWA members as they look forward to hosting the event typical Simbu style – the first time it has been hosted away from the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby.

The SWA also announced that next year’s ‘Simbu for Literary Excellence’ event will be held on 5 September at Rosary Secondary School.

The culmination of the associated literary competition for the Simbu high and secondary schools – including a debate and quiz - will be held on 19 September to coincide with the Crocodile Prize awards.

Roselyn Tony, Michael Algua and Waugla Wii from Rosary Secondary School are eager to host the students’ event next year.

Mr Algua said that the level of reading and comprehension has dropped drastically in recent times and it has come to the attention of the Provincial Education Authority. The literary contest is being given paramount regard to assure that students benefit from it.

Ms Tony will spearhead the 2015 competition at Kondiu and SWA members will assist to drive awareness in remote Simbu schools.

The committee was also advised that the 2014 Simbu Students Anthology under the management of Arnold Mundua and Mathias Kin is now with Pukpuk Publications awaiting publishing.


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Philip Kai Morre

There is so much research and writing to be explored. The formation of the Simbu Writers Association is a stepping stone to achieve many things.

Peter Kranz

With typical schoolboy humour, Bill and I christened the two rebuilt dinghies Domestos and Harpic, after two popular brands of toilet cleaner.

Domestos was the faster - I think we'd sanded so much wood off her she became about 20 kilos lighter.

I don't think I've changed much.

Peter Kranz

Jimmy - you are welcome. At the website I linked to you can sign up to their mailing list, submit stories and poems and generally engage with them.

I have a vision of a talented PNG poet declaiming his or her verses in the Romanischer Keller one day to an enthusiastic German audience!

(I declare an interest, my ancestors came from Germany, hence the surname. And of course Simbu has many German connections.)

Jimmy Awagl

My tambu Peter, heaps of thanks.

Now you have done a great job for SWA to expose short stories, poems, histories, traditions at the next level.

I had gone through the net and found out that it's quite interesting and worthwhile.

Wakai weh!

Peter Kranz

Ambai na Angra, This just received from Watson at Heidelberg.

Get the creative juices flowing and come up with some ideas for cooperation and exchange!

The Creative Writing Group of Heidelberg University is a long-standing group of people of all ages who enjoy writing in English. They have published several small readers and four collections of stories in book form and present their stories at readings in the Romanischer Keller every once in a while.


Yes great idea although i don't know how it could work in practice. As a first step you could point out our website: heidelberg writers group. At our next meeting i'll tell them. All best, Bill


I had written -


Hi Bill,

My wife Rose comes from Simbu in the PNG Highlands, Some talented young writers there have recently formed the Simbu Writers Association. They would be grateful to link to to the Heidelberg Uni Writers Club. They could share stories, experiences, history etc.

Hands across the globe!

Could be a great learning experience for all involved. Can you help? Just put the idea to the Heidelberg students.


By the way Bill and I went to school together, and later were students at London Uni. We shared a love of sailing and refounded the School yacht club after we found two old dinghies rotting in the corner of the woodwork shed and took it upon ourselves to rebuild them, then went on to win races at the local sailing club.

When he's not busy researching Thucydides (being a Classics Professor) he is still a keen sailor.

Mathias Kin

Peter Kranz, ha wai dinga!

Phil Fitzpatrick

Good idea Peter.

Does anyone else know of a writer's club that might be interested in a link up?

Jimmy Awagl

Peter Kranz - Thanks for your wonderful thought and intention to link Heidelberg University Writers Club with Simbu Writers Association.

This a great concept and we would very much appreciate such to develop in the near future.

Peter Kranz

My next devious plan is to link the Heidelberg University writers club (which is real) with the Simbu Writers Association.

Watson (Prof William Furley of Heidelberg) approves. Apparently the club likes my 'Holmes in PNG' stories.

They could share stories, ideas, memories, cultural artefacts, history etc.

What do you think?

Seems like a plurry fine piece of logic to me, eh Watson - KJ

Jimmy Drekore

Just a correction, the Simbu for Literary Excellence event for 2015 will be hosted by Rosary Secondary and not Ku High School. Ku hosted this year.

Well the beast is heading our way so we have to create the pool for it to cool off or it might not survive the rugged terrain.. The onus is on us, SWA.

Correction made, thanks Jimmy. Tame the beast! - KJ

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