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Wheel of Peace


An entry in the Rivers Prize for
Writing on Peace & Harmony

Yesterday we were greeted by the dawning of our nationhood.
Doves flutter about to the chanting sound in our kingdom of jungles
The serenity of peace invades the land as a rainbow is forged across the sky by our forefathers.
Below this bridge of the world a reunion of the titans is taking place as Poseidon’s Coral,
Bismarck and Solomon meet Goddess Artemis’s Wilhelm and Giluwe.
Tiny hamlets glitter with the lit candle of promise as fear is turned into courage.
On this September spring peace and harmony shall reign over our land.
Our independence came riding on the wheel of peace and not by the barrel of the gun.
On that historical September afternoon it was a glorious bloodless coup for men who were after self-determination and freewill.

In the past we have wage vengeful wars against our own in pursuit of our birth right
Now we will have to wage war for the greater good of humanity.
On the wheel of peace we shall be the ambassadors of goodwill.
Along the Owen Stanley our ancestors walked with their bare foot for history’s freedom.
When they came back to the lowlands they set the wheel of peace in motion
Now we are tasked to keep this wheel in motion.

Tomorrow the Bird of Paradise will come out to dance to the beat of the drums.
Men will come from far and wide and fall in love with its beauty.
They shall all work together to reach its destiny.
They may come with their wheel of fortune to quench our thirst for pride and wealth
But we are ready to build our national prestige with our wheel of peace.
We may look humble and meek but we are warriors by heart.
Our land resembles our own God given complexities and diversity.
Yet Peace and harmony runs through its vein as we stand united.
Yesterday, now and tomorrow we will go riding together in unity on the wheel of peace towards our dream. 


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