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MULTI Media Room 1 at Divine Word University was filled with participants from all over Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands on Tuesday morning.

They came to attend a two-week PNG Pastoral and Social Operators Basic Media Course at the university. Father Giorgio Licini opened the program and made formal introductions. Everyone had something to say.

The first day’s media training on Church and Media was interesting and captivating. The day flew past and Lillian Matbob and her girls had the dining room set up with a variety of dishes for dinner.

I ate my share and went to work on a few things in the spacious open air at the front of the girl’s dormitory where I was accommodated.

The building and its surrounding environment were well kept and I made a small prayer at the sight of the building and thanked Australian taxpayers for allowing their government to build such a wonderful dormitory and other infrastructure for the university.

While I was working, one of the participants approached me. I found out later that she is Amanda Yeou (pictured), 19 years old this year. She told me she is a first year student in Social and Religious Studies at the university.

Having listened to her for a minute I knew she was an open person who was eager to meet and talk to people.

Amenda is from Osol and Wutung village in the West Sepik Province. Her father is an information technology engineer who works with PNG Air Services and her mother is an accountant who works with a HLB Niugini.

Amenda says she inherited her Catholic faith from her parents, who, as a child, she would follow to church at weekends and help out in any way she could. She fondly recalls the days she would imitate the prayers of divine mercy and others.

She attended elementary, high and secondary schools in Port Moresby and Morobe Province. She thought of becoming a human rights lawyer in her secondary schooling. However, she was accepted to do Social and Religious Education at DWU. S

Amanda still maintains her dream of becoming a lawyer and tells me the psychology and social work courses she is doing in her current degree program will be a stepping stone to pursue a law degree in future.

She also tells me she likes the community services component of her program at DWU. She uses the opportunity to visit sick children in hospitals, orphanages and assist with church activities.

She also takes part in a Madang inter-tertiary institutions soccer competition which has been sponsored by the European Union and is called the EU Cup.

The mention of EU-Cup made me think of the European soccer competition I would normally watch on TV and I smiled to myself. 


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Corney Korokan Alone

Thank you Bomai. There are many Amanda's at DWU, who must be given that platform and encouraged to think, reason and articulate their views about anything.

Literature courses there has been the proven platform.

Bomai D Witne

Corney, I am throwing your question to Amanda and encouraging her to write her own story and contribute articles to this blog in future.

Martinez Wasuak

Yes, If Amanda wrote it herself it will be very expressive I believe.

Corney Korokan Alone

Wouldn't it be wonderful to read Amanda Yeou's thoughts and dreams in her own writing here?

Giorgio Licini

Amanda. Thank you.

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