Survival against the odds: the story of the Keppel Islanders
The challenges facing Islam in Papua New Guinea



I stand upon a hill,
So rigid, so great
By feet or by flight?
Or be his colossal might?

I stand upon this hill,
So rigid, so great
By one man’s deep faith
To willingly embrace

My victory, my delight
My alms without a toll
Of every hitch in life
I rose above it all

How strange, how novel
His embrace my allay
So cultured, yet enduring
Of contention- so noble!

Stupendous, my view above
From a route so punishing
A climb as confronting
His aid a pleasant shove

Rare and surpassing I find
A hand disposed to succour
But alas I was blessed
For he was gender blind! 


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Samuel Roth

Yes, precisely!

Keep writing.

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