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Crocodile Prize books feel at home in DWU’s Friendship Library

Bernard presents Anthology to Jartis Dedingi & Library staffBERNARD SINGU YEGIORA

DIVINE Word University’s Friendship Library was officially opened on 29 April 2004, named so to recognise the special bond that exists between the people of PNG and the people of Australia, which provided the funding.

The library collection is much older – dating back to the 1960s and the days of the earlier SVD high school.

By 1979 the collection was augmented to support the new Divine Word Institute curriculum. And when Divine Word University was established in 1996, the collection developed further.

The Friendship Library offers resources in all media formats complemented by broadband internet, online databases and journals, facilities for electronic document transmission and data storage.

The main objective of the library is to work with the academic community to offer maximum support for the university’s mission and its teaching and research programs. It has become a vibrant centre for students, researchers and staff.

Being the biggest library in Madang, it also serves other educational institutions like the Maritime College, Technical College, Lutheran School of Nursing and secondary and primary schools. There is a community and school information officer to service the public.

The Friendship Library has just received five Crocodile Prize Anthologies. Noser Librarian Jartis Dedingi, on behalf of the Chief Librarian David Lloyd, was glad to receive them from the University’s public relations officer David Wapar. Jartis thanked the Crocodile Prize Organisation for promoting Papua New Guinea literature.

David Wapar, unlike other Divine Word University staff, contributed a number of poems and stories which were published in the 2014 Anthology. For the former communication arts student, 2014 will be memorable because of this achievement.

University nurse George Kuias and Betty Isikiel, executive officer of the Post-Graduate and Research Centre also contributed material that was published in the 2014 Anthology.

George’s articles in PNG Attitude about his experience as a health worker in rural areas around PNG are eye-opening and have attracted a lot of comment from readers.

Library Technician Fiona Alau from the Cataloging and Acquisition Division said the Anthologies have already been catalogued and loaned out. A copy was also placed in the Noser Library which houses the PNG archives collection.

Fiona thanked COG for the 2014 Anthology as well as the 2012 Anthology. She said she was able to give copies of the 2012 Anthology as gifts to Diwai International School students who came from Tabubil with their teachers.

She encouraged them to read the literary works of fellow Papua New Guineans and to one day write themselevs with the aim of developing the nation.

The Friendship Library now has copies of the 2011, 2012 and the 2014 anthologies. It has yet to purchase a copy of the 2013 book.


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