Shining the spotlight of analysis on corruption in PNG
Oli kam, oli bagarap, oli go - thoughts on intolerance

Hungry for development


An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

From the land - our roots grow deep

Our values told - die with the old

Promises of wealth - transaction stealth

Status and gold - prosperity sold

We lose our soil - our mothers weep

Hunger decays our bones - leaves only stones. 


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Margaret Brownjohn

Seems since LNG we are in debt to UBS - landowners of that resource and a country are getting a pretty bad deal, soil being washed away due to drought then flooding leaving only stones but not soil to grow crops.

The Prime Minister and leadership are more concerned with gold medals and status projects like stadiums and Pacific Games than fulfilling traditional obligations of a Wantok systems that traditionally meant that we look after each other to ensure no one needs to starve.

Today the article where 2 million people are starving and so are their animals in PNG the land of plenty.. these outcomes are predictable - we really need big a change in attitude in PNG.

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