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In tribute to Zenzeng Tore Bofirie Mari

Zenzeng Tore Bofirie MariBOMAI WITNE

He has outlived the playmates and colleagues of his era.

Seen them resign to take a better job or retire from formal duties.

He was among a few mentored by colonial administrators.

He has seen the expatriates come and go.

The students he taught and mentored numbered thousands.

They’ve gone on to good jobs in all walks of life.

He’s proud of the achievements of those he mentored.

Content with his contribution to nation-building

He smiles and tells them, “Make me your tea boy.”

He’s lived his share of tragedy, always accepted.

He’s heard of life after death and heaven.

He saw his wife, daughter and grandchild depart.

Almost followed them at Sir Joseph Nombri Hospital.

He’s seen so many changes; another university restructure now.

He smiles often and calls other people full of smiles.

He may skip work but attends as early as seven.

Still finds time for a few beers and a chat with colleagues.

His life is a biography I am currently working on.

May God bless and protect Zenzeng Tore Bofirie Mari.


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John Kaupa Kamasua

Good one. We have a habit of giving credit to people when they are gone but in one's life time it is hardly a tradition.

So bro Witne good one again... and the biography?

Samuel Roth

That's my former lecturer and current collaborator. Keep smiling, young man! I am proud of you.

Thanks for the beer at Jetty in Alotau this year. Time has not touched you after over a decade.

Cheers, Mr Mari.

From your son....

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