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Ku High School anthology brings happiness to young writers

Ware Mukale with the Ku anthologyJIMMY AWAGL

THE Ku High School anthology is the first book of its kind in Papua New Guinea. The compilation of stories is by students who entered the literary competition promoted by the Simbu Writers Association earlier this year.

The entries are in the form of short stories, essays and poems and it was a struggle for Grade 9 and 10 students to write quality material as they had not been taught to systematically structure stories and essays. And the construction of poetry proved complex for Grade 9.

Those students who did not contribute entries regretted this later when the published anthology was displayed right in front of their eyes during the school assembly.

The production process was a long one. I held special classes to explain to students how to write material, the handwritten entries were typed and formed into an acceptable style of writing.

The manuscripts were then forwarded to Francis Nii to edit the material ready for publication in book form.

The artwork, introduction and foreword were prepared and written by Francis and submitted to Phil Fitzpatrick for final editing and design for publication under the Pukpuk Publications imprint.

After correspondence between Phil and Francis, the anthology was uploaded to CreateSpace for printing and distribution through Amazon Boolks.

“The anthology is well edited and aligned for publication which made my job easier,” Phil Fitzpatrick said.

Students and the school administration would like to convey credit and gratitude to Francis Nii for being the extraordinary editor behind the publication of the Ku Anthology.

They extended great thanks to Provincial Education Administrator Essy Walkaim who made funds available to purchase 300 copies of the anthology from Amazon.

They also acknowledged the tired less efforts and initiative of the Simbu Writers Association to motivate students to flood in entries to compile the Ku Anthology.

Finally, honours and applause to Ware Mukale (pictured above), head teacher of Ku High School, who initiated the concept of writing and support for the SWA and the Ku Students Anthology and guided it from the initial stage until the outcome.

The anthology will launched by Hon Kerenga Kua, MP for Sinesine Yongomugl, on 26 November to coincide with a Grade 10 graduation. 


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Jimmy Awagl

Thank you all for your inspiring remarks.

Every one of us is born a story teller and writer, but the set back is the concept of structuring a simple sentence to form a paragraph to convey a meaning that matters.

If all the teachers can impart these basic concepts then writing will be of acceptable standard.

I am encouraging writers and teachers to teach their own kids how to write a story.

Daniel Doyle

What a great good news story. Congratulations to all involved. These are the sort of people who should be on the national honours list.

Bernard Singu Yegiora


Hope to attend the event next week when I come up for my break.

Mathias Kin

Thank you olgeta. Congratulations to the young people at Ku High for all the hard work and to Francis and Jimmy for the part you played. Thank olgeta.

Jimmy Awagl

Thanks Barbara! The applause goes to Francis Nii and Simbu Writers Associate who motivated the young writers to contribute their entries to the anthology.

Ku High School will give two copies each to Simbu Schools as a gift from Ku High School to motivate those schools and students to produce their own anthology next year.

Also this anthology will be use to promote literature and awareness drive for the 2015 Crocodile Prize in Simbu.

Barbara Short

Congratulations. Wonderful effort from all of you. Go Simbu!

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