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Three infants died in blaze while mothers played cards

3 infants die as house burns to groundJIMMY AWAGL

THREE infants died when a semi-permanent house burned to ashes on Monday night at Gera village on the Highlands Highway in Simbu Province.

Two young mothers aged 25 left their homes for a card game the next house just 15 meters away when the nightmare began.

Two five month old babies and a five year old child were on a common bed asleep when it is believed a nearby hurricane lamp caused the fire.

It is thought an outstretched arm or leg tipped the lamp over, spilling kerosene over the mattress.

The flames set the mattress alight and quickly spread to the pitpit wall.

The fire soon engulfed the building with flames and smoke so thick that no-one could rescue the kids.

It seems the mothers were engrossed in their card game and did not hear the children’s screams. There was also heavy rain at the time.

Rescuers were able to search through the ashes after about three hours and discovered nothing but the five year olds’ arm and shoulder.

The families also lost property worth thousands of kina and a kitchen also used as a piggery which went up in flames killing their pigs.

After the tragic incident was reported to the police, the CID detained the two mothers for further questioning. 


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Jimmy Awagl

In most communities card gambling is very common and parents are irresponsible and do not look after their kids.

In this case the two mothers abandoned their 5 month old kids and went and gambled for hours without knowing they had infants to feed.

Two ignorant mothers ignoring the lives of infants they lost in the fire.

This is something to consider in most societies.

John Kaupa Kamasua

A very sad story indeed.

Surely the mothers and fathers of the young toddlers and child need to be charged for criminal negligence.

Very irresponsible and outrageous behaviour by the mothers.

Jimmy Awagl

The ashes were buried yesterday afternoon in a single coffin without the presence of the mothers.

Two mothers are in police custody awaiting detailed investigation by the CID.

It teaches a moral lesson to young couples feeding their kids with scones and tea and they disappearing off for gambling all night.

Arnold Mundua

It is indeed a sad story. How unfortunate were these little kids when their parents decided to sneak out for an unworthy cause leaving them on their own.

Has anyone in the government and public alike ever thought about the negative impacts of the 52 deck of cards it has on the people of PNG?

This particular imported item contributes practically nothing to the development of this country and or the well being of its people.

Instead it is one of the root causes of some of the social problems we have in the families and maybe this country

The 52 deck of cards should be classified under 'dangerous' goods and put a ban on its import into the country.

Most of all it is a product that causes laziness in the communities, especially Simbu. Tell me of someone in PNG who made a million overnight from the 52 deck of cards and I'll change my mind.

Philip G Kaupa

How sad for the unfortunate juverniles. Let the ignorant gamblers gamble away in prision, and may this be a lesson for all gamblers.

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