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Exiting a hotel in the Pacific

Pohnpei airportMICHAEL DOM

An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

My home is not your tourist attraction,
No supermarket for colourful trinkets and toys.
Our bows and arrows still kill game and foes, on untamed reservations where we rule.
We planted yar trees for millennia before your cowboy carbon trading.

My home is not your adulterous playground,
No sweetshop/sweatshop for pedophilic migrants or philanthropic vagrants.
Our living cultures are to be observed with reverence for the savage dignity of our ancients.
We will not bow to foreign gods no matter what your enticements.

My home is not your smorgasbord menu,
No delicatessen for your conspicuous consumption.
Our rural livelihoods have kept us fed despite your urban avarice.
We are utterly biodegradable, while even your manure lasts for eons.

My home is not for your upper-crust business class citizens,
No blithe, blind, blunt, neo-barbarian brute should sun bake on our beaches or bathe in our mountain spas.
Our natural habitats are not a hospital for your sick and handicapped refugees of modernity.
We never put a 99 year lease on the air we breathe.

My home is not for your capitalist considerations,
No value added, duty free, WTO compatible tax holiday trade agreement for my homelands.
Our lives belong to the land unlike your vice versa, vain, Viagra-value system.
We gave generational blood, sweat and tears to our land for which cash is no recompense.

My home is not your hotel in the Pacific.

Where sails my peace: Where soars my soul
Where sings my blood: Where stirs my bones
Where sweets my dreams: Where sleeps my love
There stands my home.


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Michael Dom

Thanks for the high praise friends.

Lapieh Landu

I love!

Philip G Kaupa

Good one Michael! Our home is no commodity, is where our heart is,
and is where we dwell.

Barbara Short

Great poem, Michael.

We have been talking about tourism on the Sepik Forum. I'm sure there is good and bad tourism. It is all in the attitude that the visitor has to what he sees.

I think Fiji has been attracting the Australian mums and dads who want to take their children on an overseas holiday to see another culture and get their children to appreciate that we don't all live the same way.

I think the Sepik has a great opportunity to make a living out of tourism - but it has to be the right type of tourists.

Jimmy Awagl

A great piece Michael! It's thought provoking for the politicians, tourists and fans having thoughts to deceive this nation shall think and reflect upon.

Wakai weh! Bolga wail erewo!

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