The kindness & consideration of Sir Thomas Kavali of the Jimi
Demise of democracy is a world trend, and PNG is at the forefront

We are poets: a dose for the poets


An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities award for Poetry

Art is an expression
and we express words

They have a pottery project
we have a poetry project

They are inventors
we are designers

They learn music
we write their lyrics

They carve the wood
we carve the words

They sew the bilums
we stitch the alphabet

They paint to express
we paint words to impress

They’re professionals with skills
we’re professionals with knowledge

They follow the grammar
we write the drama

Our thoughts are personal
but speak to the general

They have dreams
that we cream

They're on a mission
we have visions

They have ideas
we have imagination

Because we are poets
we write in style

If Shakespeare can sound forever
forever we can sound

Because we are Poets


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Dale Digori

I like this!! Personally, I feel the 15th stanza; 'If Shakespere can sound forever, forever we can sound' is the best one.

Philip G Kaupa

Thanks, my friendly poets. New year boost! Best!

And Phil, OK I will swap them, I understand poets are thinkers. Many thanks.

Michael Dom

Good stuff Phillip.

Lapieh Landu

Cool one! Proud to be one!

Lindsay F Bond

Embrace, embroid and embellish as Phillip emboldens.

Phil Fitzpatrick

Good one Phillip.

One suggestion, swap the last words in verse eight:

They’re professionals with skills
we’re professionals with knowledge

Jimmy Awagl

Bro, so wonderful! The expression provoked me to write each without food. Very impressive. Wakai weh!

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