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Jimmy Drekore in race to be Digicel Man of Honour

Jimmy Drekore and two Digicel judgesFRANCIS NII

LAST Monday afternoon was a historic moment for the Simbu Children Foundation and Simbu Writer’s Association.

A high profile six-person Digicel Foundation delegation, led by chief operations officer Jennifer McConnell, travelled to Kundiawa for an on-camera interview with Jimmy Drekore, founding president of both organisations, who is one of the three people shortlisted for this year’s PNG Community Leader.

The Digicel Foundation is the charity arm of the largest communication company in Papua New Guinea, Digicel Ltd.

The visit was triggered by the nomination of Mr Drekore in the 2014 Digicel Man of the Year Award by Amos Wama, who is working with the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

If he wins this category, Mr Drekore will proceed to the final, competing against the winners of five other categories for the overall Man of Honour Award.

Jimmy Drekore addresses the Digicel FoundationThe interview was structured into three segments. First Mr Drekore gave a presentation on his personal profile, the SCF, Crocodile Prize and SWA capping it off with a video case study.

There was then a break when the Foundation team mingled and talked with the audience.

The second segment after the break involved an interview between Jimmy and two Digicel team members who are on the judge’s panel.

The final segment included a presentation of gifts to the Digicel team.

Francis Nii with books presented to DigicelThese comprised bilums for the ladies and books for the Foundation - one copy each of the 2011 to 2014 Crocodile Prize anthologies, Ku High School anthology, Paradise in Peril by Francis Nii, The Flight of Galkope by Sil Bolkin, The Writing is on the Wall, Corruption Volume 1 by Herman Tambagle and Jimmy’s book The Poetical Blossom.

Apart from SWA and SCF members, Director of Medical Services Dr Harry Poka and other medical and nursing staff and some patients from the Kundiawa Hospital were present throughout proceedings.

The whole event was well executed and the Digicel delegation was highly impressed.

We are now crossing our fingers and looking forward to the outcome of the interview and our funding proposal to Digicel. What a wonderful year it would be for Jimmy, SCF, SWA and the Crocodile Prize if we hit the bull’s eye.


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Mathias Kin

We just returned (5.30pm) from Kondiu Sec High School after our SWA visit to spread the gospel of reading, writing and speaking English in the school....and he jumps straight into a car in Kundiawa heading Goroka to travel to Pom tomorrow morning for the event at Crown Plaza.

Such is the man....his heart is strong and as fast as his mouth is....his legs and hands are faster...God speed...you win pinis!

Jimmy Drekore

Thank you all for the wonderful words of encouragement.

I am heading to POM Friday 13th to attend the announcement of the winners on Saturday 14th at the Crown Plaza. We'll hope for the best.

Michael Dom

Kisim pinis!

Leonard Fong Roka

Been watching him for years and he is really a leader worthy of such an honour.

Francis Nii

Thank you all for your overwhelming support. Mr Drekore and the team have done their bit and the ball is now in Digicel Foundation's discretion. Like I have said, we just have to cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Iso Yawi

All writers are behind you... full support... Go Jimmy

Philip G Kaupa

A brilliant 21st centuary individual I admire.

Jimmy Awagl

The humble man with many caps sacrificing for the unfortunate people. You deserve to be ranked the best as nature is on your side. All the best.

Lucas Kelly Kom

Bring the Award home, big bro....my heart is with you.

Arnold Mundua

A truly deserved recognition for someone who resigned from a well paid job for the good of the unfortunates and can deliver and achieve from zero.

Go pres...go!

Joel W Silas

Jim, your life is making a difference to countless others. An inspirational and a leader truly you are.

Steven Goie

Godspeed Jim.

Gideoni Kopol

This is it - Go SCF! Go JD!

Dominica Are

Way to go Mr. President!

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

Jimmy has infinite civic virtue to be in the mix of the angels. Let's keep a vigil for the outcome.

John Kaupa Kamasua

Simply inspiring!

Bomai D Witne

Akra Nii and Team, you have always done it for our people and children. If Jimmy gets this award, I know he will share it with all of us and especially the people and children that are always close to his heart.

Robin Lillicrapp

Go Jimmy!

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