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Jimmy Drekore named PNG Man of Honour in national awards

Jimmy Drekore receives Man of Honour awardKEITH JACKSON

JIMMY Drekore, chairman of the Crocodile Prize Organisation and founder of the Simbu Children Foundation, was last night named PNG’s Digicel Man of Honour at a glittering award night in Port Moresby.

This is a great tribute to Jimmy – bush poet extraordinaire – and the people of Simbu who have supported him in his philanthropic work.

“I am humbled and pleased,” Jimmy said when he was declared the 2014 Digicel Man of Honour for 2014.

“Thank you for the words of encouragement and support all the way through...moneaa wakai we!”

One of Jimmy’s vocal supporters, Mathias Kin, said, “Yes, the man won the highest award in the land. We are all happy for him.”

Mathias added that a contingent from Simbu will travel to Goroka on Monday to receive him.

“I said win pinis on PNG Attitude and, man, am I bloody proud. Come home hariap.”

Colleague Jimmy Awagl said, “I quote that day that we won / I did not say we will win / I am too confident that we win / the presentation was too good.”

After the announcement that he was PNG’s Man of Honour, Jimmy read a poem he had prepared for this moment.

“After I was officially declared the 2014 Digicel Man of Honor,” he said, “the room was very quiet and when I read the poem, everyone wanted a copy.”

Honourable Men

Look at the rising sun
It brings hope
Courage and aspiration
Let us be that hope

They don’t have voices
No one sees them
Waiting to be ashes
Let us stand for them

They are not in tinted glass
But suppressed and denied free will
The vulnerable mass
Let us be their will

A woman is a nation’s strength
A child is nation’s hope
Let’s stretch the wavelength
And realize that strength & hope

Stand up as a man
A man of honour
Lead by example when you can
Be a hero and not an actor

Use your fist to protect
Use your hands to feed
Be their prospect
And their creed

Don’t follow the mob
if they are wrong
your integrity they’ll rob
you must be strong

When against the tide
Don’t let go
Keep your stride
The wicked will bow

Be that man
Fasten the rope
A nation needs honourable men
They are the beacon of hope

We are proud of Jimmy Drekore. A true man of Papua New Guinea.


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Ilangin Isangkol

You write with meaning and show many people what it means to be a Papua New Guinean with God at heart. You are blessed and God is praised.

Jimmy Drekore

Thank you all. I am so humbled by all these sweet words. Let us all be an agent of change and make PNG the home we all want it to be.

Wakai we.

Marlene Dee Gray Potoura

Congratulations Jimmy. You deserve this honour.

Lapieh Landu

Congrats, Jimmy! Well deserved.

Karl Kora Aina

Well done Jimmy, a recognition for all the good work you have done over the years.

Ed Brumby

Heartiest congratulations, Jimmy: You are a great example for us all....

John Kaupa Kamasua


But the silence? Maybe you you stunned the audience!!

As humble as you are, I know many people have walked with you on this journey and need to be congratulated including your family.


Dominica Are

You're that 'beacon of hope' Congratulations Jimmy!

Corney Korokan Alone

Jimmy, those of us who knew you through this blog and her cousin, Crocodile Prize, we say we're elated and proud of this recognition.

It's a momentous occasion for your late mother Barpina Drekore whose heart of generosity inspired you to be the Papua New Guinean man you are.

Stay focused and give God the glory.

Our beloved nation longs for more men and women of your mettle.

Congratulations to you and your wife from Tanya and myself.

Bomai D Witne

Akra,I remember on that night of 31 December 2013. You and Mathias Kin visited the Yuri people and slept on the pit-pit bed and used rocks for a pillow.

You travelled the rivers and mountains of Simbu, you volunteered to be the agents of Simbu's theme 'go rural'. My family shares the joy of this noble award with you. Wakai wo.

Mathias Kin

On his resignation from his employment at Lihir, Jimmy told his missus, "Boss, you look after the small family, I'll look after the big family".

Since then he has been moving mountains slowly but surely. This award is very fitting of the man. Congratulations!

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

Kera Jimmy, congratulations! You are an angel becoming man and walking the earth.

Michael Dom

Jimmy 'Bush Poet' Drekore, Man of Honour.

And now it's official. Well deserved.

Congratulations my friend.

Barbara Short

Congratulations Jimmy. You have brought a big smile to my face!
All we need now is for every PNG man to emulate you!

Philip G Kaupa

Wow, Jimmy! A well deserved recognition. I'm blessed more by the poem. Congratulations Jimmy.

Arnold Mundua

'Be that man...' Yep...I told you and that was only last week in front of Makan Nem that 'we' gonna get it. And 'we' did!

Congratulations Jimmy on being named PNG's Digicel Man of Honour for 2014.

You truly made us proud with this national award. Congratulations once again.

Sipuuu...wakai we.

Robin Lillicrapp

Well deserved. Wonderful honour

Phil Fitzpatrick

Congratulations Jim - I can't think of anyone more deserving.

Jimmy Awagl

Congrats Jimmy Drekore. The father of the big family. We will be at Goroka tomorrow to receive you. Welcome home the great big heart man of Simbu.

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