Anti-mining blog distorts truth of Momis’s stance on Panguna
Beyond downtown

The tough Gordens bus stop

The tough Gordens bus stopPHILIP KAUPA

An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

Mechanical exhaust competes with acrid dust
as sour brake pad aroma compromises the air
all denaturing what the nose must
and the addicted smoker ignorantly puffs away

It’s all pleasure to the fare hungry bus crew
uncaring at the sweaty vendors effort
but keeps his rapping rhythm all through
to lure and outdo his competitors’ effort

with the sweat, dust, and thirst without shade
maintaining influence under scorching sun
travellers flow and hustle and bustle at this domestic gate
and petty thieves’ hands dying to grab and run

while lone introvert tin can man collects his loot
they dance to the drivers’ acceleration and hoot


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Philip G Kaupa

Thanks bro Jimmy, we write each other up the stair case of literature. I wish us all the best!

Jimmy Awagl

Angra Philip, you are my inspiration and model in literature as well and I learn alot from your writings. Wakai weh mere mere boglo.

Philip G Kaupa

Angra Jimmy, I'm glad you saw the picture. I praise your assessment and energetics in literature. I really love it bro...

Jimmy Awagl

Angra a great piece. Creating acute mental imagery of how the bus crew and how the scenario of Gordons looks. Authorities need to address the PMV issue and improve Gordons bus stop.

Philip G Kaupa

Thanks Keith for editing my work. It is your work that keeps me writing. Really appreciate it.

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