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The shadows in my eyes



An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

Earth unique with Water

In solid, in liquid and in gas, water

water, what a matter?

without it, one would surely wither

Refreshing and quenching, life giver

Its water


So pristine and pure,

Restoring and healing, it’s a cure

In the streams, out in the sea

as vapor, as ice, its water see?


It glitters like a mirror,

either bigger or smaller its clearer

It removes dirt,

and quenches thirst

springs life where it flows,

like a lamp that glows


way up in the mountains,

where water fountains

Little trickles

Little dribbles,

It drips

And it drops


Up high it chooses,

up the misty bushes,

up high in the clouds,

water thunders so loud


A drip at a time, it splashes

like a wood gradually burns to ashes

So little it gathers

so massive it matters


Way down the low land

it runs, slowly

yet so mightily

Heaven cries, it rains

Earth rejoices, it gains


Water baths the earth,

as earth gives birth

to fish, trees and birds

Water, what a precious matter


that all enjoys where it gathers

Like a mother, it prepares,

and life giving, it repairs

lacking water, one cannot make


for one to make,

its water it take

water is Mother

Yes it is, it’s only water


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Philip G Kaupa

Thanks Angra Jimmy, Without water I wouldn't write this one!...

jimmy awagl

Great Piece.
Water is mother and i like that line.
Water is universally every thing.
Angra Philip great one.

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