The black angel
Kiap, MP, planter & private eye, John Stuntz, dies at 87

Just a few words to ruin a loving relationship


An entry in the Crocodile Prize
PNG Government Award for Short Stories

THE horizon gave out a blazing light which hit the window with force waking up the two lasses.

As they stretched their arms after a long sleep, the Digicel phone shrieked from underneath the desk taking away the last vestiges of their slumber.

“A new number calling,” Paddy screamed. Without looking, Daisy jumped to the floor and grabbed the phone with a stunning smile.

“Yes, and you are?” said Daisy.

“Hams Weramba from the University of Papua New Guinea. I got your number from someone and would like to be your phone friend.”

“Do you know me or just got my number,” Daisy asked.

“I know a little about you, you are Daisy Yuwajihau from Yangoru in East Sepik and you are doing your first year at the University of Technology in Lae.”

“That’s cool, we can be friends,” Daisy replied.

From then on, Hams always made it his duty to call Daisy. It was for both of them a first love.

Daisy’s late mother once told her never to have boyfriend until she was accepted into a university because relationships ruin one’s studies. Hams had received similar advice.

During their four years at the university, the relationship, although conducted over a distance, grew strong as it was based on trust and honesty.

One afternoon, Daisy got a message to meet Hams at the university gate.  She could not believe Hams had come all the way from Port Moresby to Lae to see her.

Walking towards the gate, Daisy saw Hams. “When I saw your message in my phone, I thought you were joking. Why did you come?” asked Daisy.

“The answer is love brought me here,” replied Hams. Lost for words, Daisy hugged him and it was the first romantic hug she had given to her first love. Leaving discussion until the next day, Hams headed off to his big sister’s residence a kilometre from the university.

During the night, Daisy could not sleep for thinking of her first romantic meeting with Hams. Her twisting and turning on the bed woke up Paddy.

“Hey dear, I know you are thinking about Hams,” Paddy’s said, “but you have to sleep now, it is late, tomorrow you will meet him.

“Have a good night’s rest and wake up fresh in the morning,”

The next day Daisy and Paddy woke up to the melodious whistle of the f little birds outside the dormitory. Knowing it would be an awesome day, Daisy quickly washed, got dressed and rang Hams about where they would meet before hopping on a PMV bus and heading to town.

Leaving the bus, she went straight into a supermarket to buy some snacks and drinks. Walking through the door, she meet Hams, who was impressed that Daisy had bought something for them and offered to get some fruit from the market.

When they got everything they needed, they went to a nearby beach, sitting close together, and staring at the calm sea while lost in their romantic talk.

The next day, Hams returned to Port Moresby to continue his study at the University of Papua New Guinea. For another three years they met during the holidays and called and texted each other many times a week.

The bond grew so strong and they thought deeply about getting married after graduation. It became a promise between them which their families knew about.

Then, one night, Hams texted saying: “You are not the only one, move on and find another one.”

When Daisy read the message in the morning she was heart-broken. Taking it seriously, she decided to end the relationship and called Hams to tell him so. Hams thought Daisy was cracking a joke.

Feeling depressed, Daisy had no choice but have to move on with her life and three weeks later Presley asked Daisy. Soon afterwards, he attended Daisy’s graduation in early 2014 and kindly met her graduation expenses. 

Then Presley negotiated a dream job for Daisy which made her decide to spend the rest of her life with him.

Months passed and on a gleaming afternoon at Lae main market, Hams caught sight of Daisy’s face in the crowd. He called with surprise, “Hey Daisy!” then realised she was walking with her husband and was heavily pregnant.

Without saying a further word Hams looked down at the ground where he was sitting while Daisy and Presley walked out of view.

Hams thought he had been in a dream. He saw it takes years to build a relationship but only a moment to destroy it. And he realised he truly loved Daisy.

“Hey Hams, what are you doing,” his friend shouted. Shaken by his thoughts, Hams made up his mind that he had to learn from this lesson and move on in life. 


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