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The little ants


An entry in the Crocodile Prize
PNG Government Award for Short Stories

KINGI Mura woke up after noon. He remembered where he was, and he reached out to take his bottle of whisky.

He took one drop and the whisky warmed him and cleared the drowsiness from the hangover in his head.

He had ‘closed the bar’ at the Watering Hole in the early hours of morning, but he didn’t know how he managed to get home. That part still remained a mystery, even now.

He did not get up from the floor where he was lying. Instead he rolled over and looked outside. The afternoon heat was unbearable and he had nowhere to go.

The house was big, but there was no one else. In his heydays he had lots of friends. Not now. Not since the conman had stolen all his money, and his business went down to the dogs.

Now he was broke and all his friends left him. He only had his whisky to keep him company. Yes. There used to be Jeanette, Linda, Angie, Betty, and those other beauties. And John, Jake, Clay, Bony, and those others who stuck around him like flies to a dunghill.

Now they were no more. Only whisky and an empty house.

He had some money left though. Enough to re-start again, but it seems to him that he just gave up. What he had built over eight years of hard work has been destroyed in a short time. With it also went his will.

He rolled over again and laid his hands on the pillow and rested his chin on his hands.

Just then he noticed the ants. The small black ants that live inside cracks in the concrete  and feed on waste food and dead insects.

They looked like a tiny black train, except with them there was no engine and carriage-end. They were moving to and fro, in a straight line from a hole in the cement steps. A group of about five or six ants were carrying a big moth across the floor.

He watched fascinated. They were small and their weight put together would only be about two hundred times less than the moth. Yet, through their persistence and hard work, they were carrying the moth at a slow and steady pace.

Kingi got a stick and put it across their path. They went over it. Next he put his whisky bottle. They went around it. Then he got a empty carton and put it right in their path after making certain that no ant got hurt.

At first the ants climbed the box and on reaching the open top, they realized that they had to go down, across, up again, and down again. So after what seemed a brief conference, the ants turned back with their load.

On reaching the floor, they went around the box until they reached their road again. Then they continued on their journey as if nothing had happened.

These ants did not give up! Kingi thought. They found ways to cross each obstacle.

Give up! Kingi sat up. These tiny insects were trying to show him something. And here he was, acting as if the whole world was coming to an end. He must also not give up.

He got up, had shower and went to the bank to see how much he had left and if possible to get a bank loan. To start over again.

That was 10 years ago.

Today, Kingi Mura is a multi-millionaire whose interests range from real estate and tourism to agriculture and transport. He is an earnest philanthropist and sits on the board of many charity organizations.

Every day, you read about him in the business section of magazines and newspapers. The company emblem, The Black Ants, with a picture of an ant carrying an heavy load is seen nearly every day, in newspapers, cars, shops, almost everywhere. 


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Maxima Pius

The little ants is a very motivating story indeed. It's a great piece of writing and is simple and interesting as well. I like the message it gives and the ending of the story.

It's great how you've written something many people can relate to and read to be uplifted in troubled times. I look forward to reading more of your short stories Mr Gimbo.

Frank Ani

Very interesting and very inspirational how he saw how the ants work together in unison to overcome each obstacle. A very motivating story.

Larissa Bala

"The Little Ants" is an amazing fable and the moral behind it can inspire and motivate many people who are slowing giving up in what they are doing not to give up but keep giving their best in what they are doing. Thank you for this amazing fable you've written for us to read and learn something from it.

Reinhard Minong

Great piece Mr. Gimbo, I like it . The moral is also very fitting. You're a great literary fiction writer.

Maybel Tomokai

An awesome story! I was blown away when I read the last part. The moral of the story pushes me to overcome my fears and be persistent like the ants. Overall a great piece there Mr. Gimbo!


Love the short story, you do not only need a human being to inspire you, the nature and everything around you can give you a lot of inspiration.

Britney May Akop

I thought the story was going to be about the ants but was surprised about what the little creatures did to make him understand life by not giving up. And also a great moral of the story. Excellent work Mr. Gimbo
Looking forward to read more of your interesting stories.

Shirley Cherake

The tittle got me thinking this story was going to be about ants but it was not. It is a great read and got me engaged. Simply put yet gripping. Great work Mr Gimbo!

Ishmael Bungewa

Great moral behind the story especially coming from a PNG context. Interesting!

Kaylyn Kiwar

Wow! How magnificent and fascinating it is. With such a huge moral behind it. After reading this story I now realized that " giving up Is never an option in life"

James Guken

A great fable indeed. With a moral, it made it more interesting making readers want to read more of stories like this. Splendid work!

Aquila Matit

A very emotional and motivated story. I find it simple and clear for me to understand.

Jimlynn Jarabi

It's how amazing little things can teach us life lessons and change our perspective in seeing things. A very good story.

Charlotte Sere

A great story indeed Mr Gimbo, well written, easy to read and understand and also has a very inspiring moral behind the story.
Before reading the story, the title of the story made me wonder why you were writing a story about ants, then along the way I picked up the message in the story and I am pleased to say this is one of the best short stories I've ever read.

Philip Kai Morre

We need to learn from the ants colony and this is how a good democratic country should run with committed workers being obedient to their king.

Also bee colonies which pollinate all the flowers to support food production. ants and bees did tremendous work to feed human beings.

Natasha Philip

It is a fascinating story that makes me want to continue reading. Yes, we mustn't give up in any circumstances in life. when negativity pull us down, we must always strive for positivity that will help strengthens us to climb the mountains and cross the valleys to reach our final destination of SUCCESS.
Hard-working is the key to prosperity.
Don't be like a dog who sleeps, eats, follows and lazy but be like an ant which is a hard worker that never gets tired of working so that you will have a good life.

What a nice story!.

Rhodie Ravi

It was a great story. With a very challenging moral. Great job.

Balbina Keleto

Well written and well organized story. Events are explained in detail and so keeps readers hooked till the end.

I learned something new while reading this story by the way. Thank you.

Mary Yalomba

That's a beautiful story. I really like the meaning behind the story - must be hard working in order to fulfill your dreams.

Larry Dou

A great story and a moral that fits perfectly and in line with it.

A story many can relate to and a good lesson for the young audience.

Steven Gimbo

John Kaupa Kamasua, many thanks indeed for your kind words! Muchos Gracias!

Steven Gimbo

Thank you Mackhenly. I appreciate your comments. Cheers!

Mackhenly Kaiok

Steve is a very good writer. The story keeps you guessing, keeps you reading through and the morale to it is very fitting. I really like the story.

Steven Gimbo

Thank you John. I appreciate your comments. Cheers.

John Kaupa Kamasua

Great story and well written, simple yet with the choice of words, will make it stand out among short stories. The moral in the story applies to everyone in all situations.

Every one from all walks of life can relate to such a story.

This is my story of the month!

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