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Peter O'NeillHON PETER O'NEILL CMG MP | Prime Minister of PNG

THIS week there are thousands of men, women and children from Australia and New Zealand visiting Papua New Guinea as part of the Anzac Day commemorations.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of when the Australian and New Zealand soldiers went ashore on the beaches of Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I.

In Papua New Guinea we reflect upon the significance of Anzac Day, and join with our brothers and sisters to pay homage to those who served to protect our land in World War II.

At dawn services around Papua New Guinea, including at the Bomana War Cemetery and Isurava on the Kokoda track, we will remember those who lost their lives defending our land.

Their sacrifice was in the just cause of the freedom of their countries and peoples, and for our people.

We thank the Australians, New Zealanders, Americans and Papua New Guineans who bravely fought side by side in those vicious battles seven decades ago.

While not many veterans of those battles are alive today to hear this message, on behalf of the people of Papua New Guinea, I thank you for your service to our nation. May those veterans who are no longer with us rest in eternal peace.

At this time we also reflect on changes in the world that today sees the Pacific living in peace, and hope that our region will never again see the ravages of war.

As a community of nations we have all grown, and the countries that once fought in Papua New Guinea are now friends who work together.

We will always respect the resting places of those who are buried on land or at sea around Papua New Guinea, and welcome their countrymen and women who come to pay homage.

On this historic occasion, our nation honours the brave men and women who have served with great distinction and courage.


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Michael Dom

Something worth sharing - a letter to The National newspaper.


Michael Dom

The Government of PNG should be dismantled, bureaucracy broken-up and the power returned to the people.

If we had leaders with back bone, moral fortitude, truly good judgement and most importantly a vested interest that we improve on the current scenario (most of todays so-called leaders are already benefitting from this corrupt system) - they might agree that such a drastic course of action is a necessity. And it need not be violent.

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