The paradox of the alienation & preservation of culture
The struggle to read: The book shortage in Enga Province

A father’s advice to his son

A father and son hunt birds (Lutheran World)JIMMY DREKORE

An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

Go to school
Don’t be a fool

Do your studies
Not tend to ladies

Don’t waste time
That historical crime

Respect your mobile phone
Or you’ll be blown

Use it for information and emergency
Or you’ll be lost at sea

Read books
And more books

Street sales is not a job
If you follow the mob

Don’t envy the bus crews
Their lives ain’t a cruise

Don’t start with loose butts
Or off cuts

You’ll never afford silver foil
Nor know where to toil

“Loose coins,” will frequent your lips
Will be yours but hated tips

You’ll turn to “Wari Cup”
No beer is served in a cup

Loose butts, off cuts
Are weedy sluts

Your intellect will be raped
And you’ll be scraped

Into prison
Or on the run

This ain’t my dream


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Philip G Kaupa

I shall keep this for my son. I love it. I regret some of it too!

Jimmy Awagl

A great piece pinching my heart into agony. Welcome to the scene, Bush Poet.

You are making up the number of entries for SWA to be on the ridge as compared to other provinces for the percentage of entries which will close on 30 June.

Wakai weh ... a heart touching piece.

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