The Secretary - a gender champion….
A journey to PNG Attitude: 4 flights, 2 weeks & a mouse click

Don’t judge a book by its cover


An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

Don’t look at the shirt
Look at the heart

Don’t look at the hat
Look at the mind

Don’t look at the feet
Look at the track

It's not the cover that matters
It's what's inside that matters

It's not a dirty hat
It's a beautiful mind

It’s not rags
It’s all hearts

It’s not bare feet
It’s a tale

If you read my story
You’ll find my heart

I’ll shine my love on you
And keep you warm for eternity


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Jimmy Awagl

So challenging and inspirational. A beautiful piece. Wakai Weh!

Mathias Kin

That's me? Hehehe good one Jim

 Lindsay F Bond

World widely wants energy of sons who so shine.

Phil Fitzpatrick

Good one Jimmy.

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