Breaking the ‘bystanding’ attitude in Papua New Guinea
Esprit de corps and the power of the kiap myth

Em normal


An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

Principals drinking
Presidents drinking
In taxpayers’ car
Em normal

Even clergymen
And policemen
Drinking in taxpayers’ car
Em normal

Check the credit lists
They clench their fists
In the local bar
Em normal

They are called “Father”
They are called “Leader”
Feasting in taxpayers’ jar
Em normal

They love the State
Stay till late
Exhausting taxpayers’ reservoir
Em normal

Student performance
LLG performance
Below par
Em normal

If you don’t talk
Nothing will walk
Continue paying your taxes
Em normal


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Marlene Potoura

Normal stret...Jimmy... PNG Power black out too...em normal.

Always enjoy your poems my friend...Keep writing.

Jimmy Awagl

Cars with the government plate are not for personal use . It looks like a corrupt practice of the Simbu provincial administration to transport ladies and beer as a prime form of service delivery with the slogan, 'Going Rural'.

Some of those leaders will never purchase vehicles after they lose the coming election.

Their wish to drive one will go in vain after they lose the game.

Mathias Kin

You're provoking my Monday morning again, Jim.

Em Normal! Just last night an LLG president's vehicle loaded with drunks singing those familiar tones headed down into my corner of Warasimbu.

I was about 50 meters from them and was about to throw a stone in their direction but held back when my better side took hold of me.

So many idiots who call themselves leaders in a very corrupt and an unfunctioning system from the lowest level, these councillors to the apex of it that's surely going to fail this beautiful country.

I may truly take up "a stone" and throw at them some day soon.

Philip G Kaupa

Em normal ya, becos ol holim pawa ya!...sori lo yumi!

Arnold  Mundua

Good one, angra President. What you expressed is true and happening right under our noses. 'Food for Thought' for all of us. Wakai wo...

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