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It’s the last day for entries in the national writing contest

_Crocodile Prize trophies 2015KEITH JACKSON

SO it’s Tuesday 30 June; the day that entries close in the fifth Crocodile Prize, Papua New Guinea’s national writing contest.

There’s been a torrent of contributions this past couple of weeks, a veritable flood, and this has caused a bank up in the editorial process and slowed the publication of some of the better entries. But we’ll get there.

When you email your writing to us, the first thing we do is read it your contribution, then we register it and, if you remembered to send in an entry form, register you as a writer.

Next we choose which entries will be published in PNG Attitude; which is the first winnowing step.

A further process of refinement follows as we select which contributions will be published in the annual anthology of the best PNG writing. Gaining publication in this landmark volume is itself a considerable achievement.

Then it’s off to the judges to determine this year’s winners. That will happen in the next few weeks.

There is only one award in each of the eight categories plus a special prize for young writers, so the honour of winning the Crocodile Prize is the domain of very few writers and a great achievement.

You can see a full list of previous winners here.

The new categories this year – the Tourism, Arts & Culture Award and the SP Brewery Award for Illustration – struggled a bit for entries, but we find this happens in the first year of a new category.

Fortunately, the quality of what was submitted was very high; an apt reminder that it’s the quality not the quantity that counts in a contest like this.

Overall, this year looks like delivering about 800 entries from some 130 writers; 200 more entries than last year from the same number of writers.

In the first year of the Prize, 2011, we received 105 entries from 40 writers. That’s growth.

We have plenty of contributions lined up for publication in PNG Attitude and this will continue for some time yet, even though entries have closed.

The winner will be announced sometime in early September, ahead of the awards event in Kundiawa at which hope all the winners will be present and as many other writers who are able to bung.

It’s been a good contest this year; the best entries have been outstanding. This year’s Anthology will be a ripper.


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Johnson Makaen

PNG Attitude has been a great showcase for many local writers. Thanks to Keith and the team for your time and dedication.

Iriani Wanma

Hi Keith. I just have a quick enquiry: is the contest closed or can people still send in their entries today?

As long as entries are sent today, they will be accepted - KJ

Baka Bina

Congratulations to all who contributed. For those going to be involved in the hard yakka to sort through all of these to determine a placing in the anthology and crowning in Sipu Sipu, I wish you all horrible and ugly pleasure-laced happiness with twinkling stars that break through the clouds of dust and disdain about our ineptitude to express on paper.

We are getting there in leaps and bounds.

We note the call by KJ, EB and PF about their desire to offload the work to nationals to take on the baton and SWA is holding up the beacon.

Can we get the conversation going on in PNG about this part of the mobilisation of brain teasers. Cheers all and one.

Bomai D Witne

Salute you, Keith and Team. Simbu Writers Association has been working hard for the ultimate show in PNG to be hosted in Kundiawa this year.

Philip G Kaupa

I love this Croc season! A beautiful history for me to ponder for the year 2015. Thanks PNG Attitude.

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