Kova the hero
PNG should not be hosting the 15th Pacific Games

Little Benito’s discovery


An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

Up into the Kondiu apple
Who should climb but little Benito
Holding the trunk with both his hands
And looking abroad to foreign lands

He sees the blue mountain
Adorned with wild flowers
And the many pleasant valleys
No wonder that in the apple he dallies

He sees the rushing Wahgi River pass
And the wild farm lands around
If only Benito could find a higher tree
Further and further he would see

All the beauties of our Rosary
Where mountains meet the clouds
If only those clouds would unfurl
Benito might see the end of the world


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Joe Kuman

Clency, You can do even better than this! So proud of you....

Philip G Kaupa

Beautiful Clency.

Mathias Kin

And for the record, this is a special talent that could have gone unnoticed and wasted among the daily rhetoric of an every day classroom school in PNG.

Through the efforts of SWA and the Rosary School, Clency is now able to realise this special talent. She wants to be human rights lawyer. She also wants to join SWA and become a writer.

Clency, go for it, you can do it.

Mathias Kin

Yes ya my daughter. Beautiful poem. Keep writing.

Oh, in early June (this month) Clency joined the open tertiary team representing Simbu at the recent Hagen Think Tank Quiz. Her team of Nime, Robert and Clency herself came first! What a talent. So proud of you Clency.

Jimmy Drekore

Clency, is a vision impaired student doing Gr 10 at Rosary Secondary School - Kondiu and this was written using braille.

She wants to be a human rights lawyer and a writer one day.

Bomai D Witne

Clency, you see the world more than many with good eyesight.

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

I can see the ovals, the Wahgi River, the cows, my Kulam Kar waterfall (Bari) etc, all from the blue mountain top in my mind's eye from down under.

Thanks Clency.

Phil Fitzpatrick

Nice poem Clency - I like its simplicity.

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