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Simbu Woman welcomes Crocodile Man to Kundiawa

Simbu Woman & Crocodile Man (Mathias Simon, abstract)JIMMY AWAGL Words |
MATHIAS SIMON Illustration

An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Paga Hill Development Company
Award for Writing for Children
SP Brewery Award for Illustration

TWO glorious days in Kundiawa, Simbu Province - a magnificent time of Simbu style celebration to mark Papua New Guinean literature and commemorate the 40th anniversary of PNG Independence.

Everyone gearing-up for the big event. A glowing day attracting villagers to abandon their homes and come out for a sun bath.

Then, to their amazement, as the sun rises over Mt Wilhelm Simbu Woman appears in her traditional attire, body glistening with grease pig and offering a unique pattern of dance.

The crowds encircle her while she shake her bottom to captivate them. In her hands, a Simbu arrow.

Simbu Woman is asked to lead the delegation of visitors to the celebration area for the event. She dances forward and leads the delegation of authors, poets, essayists, illustrators, writers, sponsors, guests and fans to Dickson Oval.

Her eyes focus on the arrival of the 2015 Crocodile Prize Anthology, the main vessel of the writer’s work over the last six months.

Crocodile Man has the 2015 Anthology on his shoulder and follows the footsteps of Simbu Woman along the gullies of Kundiawa, Four Kona Town.

Crocodile Man stands at the back of Simbu Woman to surprise her with the books.

At the venue, Crocodile Man asks, “Where are we heading now?”

“Towards the peak of Mt Wilhelm since it is getting towards 30 June and entries will be closed,” replies Simbu Woman.

“Sure it was on the PNG Attitude blog for the writers to view,” utters Crocodile Man with a determined heart.

“Even at our level, the publicity and awareness is done through local media like Facebook, Radio Simbu, 90.7 FM and word of mouth,” Simbu Woman affirms.

Simbu Woman chants in Kuman language to tell the audience to witness the two day event in style.

“Come along and witness the power of the word in writing, to preserve the long gone heritage of our society,” Simbu Woman chants.

The celebration touches the hearts of raw talented writers, artists and carvers to preserve the richness of their traditional and cultural heritage.

Such celebration gives prominence to the younger generation to embrace reading as the primary source of knowledge as they pursue education.

“Our aim is to promote literature as a culture of writing in PNG style and its prominence within the society,” says Simbu Woman. 


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