Forcing settlers & jobless back home won't work
I do find the time to write .... and I write books

Write for a greater prize

Philip's familyPHILIP KAUPA

An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

Just write
for there's a prize

Greater than you can bear
bigger for all to share

Because you live only once
and words live more than twice

You learn when you compete
but, that doesn't make you complete

Dig deep into yourself
check the shelves of your mind

Put on your thinking cap
and open your vocabulary tap

Just write
for there's a prize

That money can't buy
and literature can't deny

That words can linger
though they start small at a finger

They can go to the ends of the earth
far beyond your place of birth

Far into a distant time
still maintaining their prime

You may be history
but your words tell your story

That's why we should write
for infinity will be our prize


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Lindsay F Bond

Philip, the values in your words are for each reader to reap and each library to keep.

Arnold  Mundua

Angra...this is a great poem. Infact a very thick book condensed in those few lines. Every line carries volumes. Thank you dumniwo...wakai we.

Philip G Kaupa

Bolkin I love your book "The Flight of Galkope"... If I was asked to describe your book in two words I would say, "Rare & Original". Keep it coming!

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

Kaupa, a very nice poem. It gives me a purpose to write. Wakai wo!

Philip G Kaupa

Thanks my friends. I just can't express more my emotion about the many writers who inspired me...this piece is for them.

Rashmii Amoah

Fantastic piece! Phillip Kaupa - this will be my new writing mantra. Definitely adding it to the list of poems for my children to recite:) Thankyou.

Baka Bina

Phillip - I was challenged by the family at the village to immortalsze them. How? I quote your second stanza:
'Because you live only once and words live more than twice'.

They want the names that I use in my books to be nobody but them, even if I characterise them in person and they say because they live once.

'They can go to the ends of the earth far beyond your place of birth. Far into a distant time still maintaining their prime' (9 and 10th stanza). Well done.

Jimmy Awagl

A beautiful piece so encouraging and motivating. Angra Philip Wakai kaima weh!

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