‘Days of banging a million bucks into Singapore are over’
Tadashi Nishisaki, the shrine builder of Sepik, dies in Japan



An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

Big men have fallen
Politicians behind bars
Businessmen homeless
Eating away my people,
Exploiting our resources
Molesting young girls,
Raping mothers at home
Killing like cancer cells
Spreading like airborne TB
Corruption is rife in PNG

Corruption is a virus
Spread through its host
Wantok system, greed and ignorance
These are some common hosts
We enjoy their company
Celebrate fruits of corruption for a season
When the morrow comes we are beggars
Begging on foreigners, on our own land
We cry for justice, we call for governance
Who do we blame now?


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