Thus ends another year of the Crocodile Prize literary contest
Three poems


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Baka Bina

KJ - this is on the Eastern Highlands facebook page. can you post it up on PNG Attitude.

How a struggling single mom in Papua New Guinea found her cloth on a New York fashion runway....

Des Martin

Why were my comments on the Patricia O'Brien's article on the ANZAC's in the Pacific deleted? When I submitted them they appeared as part of the other commentary but when I checked later all that appeared was my name plus e-mail address and a blank commentary panel. One hopes they were not censored because they were critical of the facts that were ignored by the author.

They were not deleted. Must have been a problem at your end. So far as I can tell, all your comments are now showing - KJ

Michael Dom

The UPNG server has been blocking emails for as long as I can remember. Most lecturers who keep an active correspondence do so on their on private email accounts.

About the only email address that seems to work is the one I use for John Evans at the UPNG Bookshop.

Phil Fitzpatrick

I hope it's got nothing to do with Metau II.

Mathias Kin

In the name of free speech, the University of PNG? Aiya konda!

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

That's a bit weird; why should UPNG block the reach of the PNG Attitude blog?

Maybe we are doing something that they presume was rightfully theirs but failed to think and initiate.

Sign of defeat, sort of!

You don't think it might have been this, eh Sil? - KJ

Keith Jackson

Message for John Kaupa Kamasua.... It seems the University of PNG is still blocking your communications from PNG Attitude and me. I replied to both your emails but unfortunately they have 'bounced'. Perhaps a word with the Vice-Chancellor would be in order - KJ

Peter Cass

I'm posting this here because I can't find the information anywhere else. There is a comment elsewhere on the site about a book "Kundi Dan"' by John Fowke, whom I knew many years ago.

Can you tell me about this? I'd like to get hold of a copy. Many thanks!

As someone who's only just signed up to PNG Attitude, I love it.

Peter - I've forwarded your name and email address to John Fowke - KJ

Peter Kranz

I've had a thought. Why not have a liklik competition for PNG kid writers? To encourage schools to promote literacy, perhaps have a new competition for writers under 15.

The Crocodile Prize includes a special award of K1,000 for writers 20 and under - KJ

Benita Bagasel

Thank you for this great opportunity created to allow ordinary citizens of the PNG to write and development themselves individually as well as contributing to PNG literature.

Michael Dom

It's amusing to observe the SP logo snuggled between Government of PNG and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture crests. Not by design I'm sure.

A very comfortable relationship - KJ

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