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Did your entry make this year’s Crocodile Prize anthology?

_Crocodile Prize 2015KEITH JACKSON

OF the more than 800 entries received in this year’s Crocodile Prize, 160 have been selected by editors Phil Fitzpatrick and me for publication in The Crocodile Prize Anthology 2015 – all 400 pages of it.

This year’s collection of the best Papua New Guinean creative writing (and illustrations) is nearing publication date, with proofs being checked preparatory to throwing the switch to ‘print’.

A link to the published contents can be found further down in this article.

It is anticipated that, as a result of a generous donation from the PNG Association of Australia, some 1,500 copies of the anthology will be distributed free of cost to PNG libraries and schools. In a few weeks’ time, we will be asking readers to nominate themselves as distributors for schools in their areas.

In all, the anthology includes 52 poems, 42 short stories, 28 essays and 15 heritage stories. There are also 12 stories for children, seven entries in the Tourism, Arts & Culture category and four illustrations.

Download here The Crocodile Prize Anthology 2015 contents


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Johnson Makaen

Thanks Phil and Keith for the great effort.

I'll be delighted to grab a copy of the book.

Jimmy Awagl

Thanks Phil & Keith.
This is too fast to compile the anthology
Looking forward to celebrate with it in Kundiawa in September

Sipu!.... Tenkyu tru

Arnold  Mundua

Thanks Keith & Phil. Through angra F Nii's desktop I just realised all my items have lined up with the works of other great writers for the 2015 Anthology, except one (which happened to be my favourite item).

Thanks a lot and hope to get hold of a copy when it comes out. Wakai wo...

As my mate Mangiwantok has also realised, sometimes the judges' minds work in mysterious ways - KJ

Rashmii Amoah

Thank you Crocodile Prize Organisation! So thrilled to see that an entry of mine will be published alongside the names of greats in PNG literature. Such a privilege to have this avenue for writing.Thank you.

Bomai D Witne

Bikpla tenk yu tru long tuple gutpla wantok, Keith na Phil long olgeta halivim mipela i kisim long yutupla. Wakai wo.

Daniel Ipan Kumbon

Thanks Keith & Phil. I am used to getting my articles published and rejected too. But to see some of my items published with PNG's best writers is an honour the first time I got involved with the competition.

It will be like the feeling I got when my first letter to the editor was published in the Post Courier in 1976.

Martyn Namorong

Hey guys, my article on the Bible wasn't a Croc Prize entry. Anyways I wish the SME essay which was my official entry had made it through but it didn't.

Glad to see that Anslom's story has been included. That kid is a genius who works part time as a welder. Had a few beers with him a few weeks ago in Hagen.

Dale Digori

Truly grateful and so psyched!!! Just found out a good number of my entries under various categories are a part of this year's anthology. Thank you so much. Can't wait to grab a copy!!

Fidelis Sukina

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to the Anthology can't wait to grab a copy.

Lapieh Landu

Great news. Very keen on seeing this edition!

Thank you, Phil and Keith & Croc team. Keep up the great work .

Dominica Are

Thanks so much Phil & Keith for making my imperfect writing so perfect. Looking forward to grabbing my copy....

Raymond Komis Girana

Thank you Keith and Phil. Looking forward to have a good read through PNG writings in the 2015 Crocodile Prize Anthology if lucky to grab a copy. Bikpela tok hamamas na tenkiu long yutupela.

Philip G Kaupa

Thanks Keith and Phil... can't wait to see the contents....

Mathias Kin

This is excellent Phil and Keith... Thank you tru lo yutupla.

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