Australian high commissioner Stokes finishes her stint in PNG
PNG moves to strongly assert its Pacific leadership claims

I can only wish


I left my homeland to see the big city lights where people were educated and made rational decisions,
I got on the plane and travelled millions of miles in search of that one thing I am in dire need of,
My first night in the city was an awesome experience seeing people driving expensive cars on roads that were smooth like glass,
I thought to myself, this is what we call civilisation, independence and living in harmony, oh how I am thrilled to live here forever.

But then, something struck me so hard I couldn’t breathe, an overwhelming sadness
I thought of my people in my village, struggling every day,
walking and running, crossing flooding rivers and slippery mountains
in search of someone to help heal the sick child or the mother in labour whose child died in her tummy.

Standing in the middle of this road so smooth as glass, oh how I wish I could roll it up and take back to my homeland,
Unroll it there so my fathers and brothers can run smoothly on to rescue my sick sister who’s about to die and my mother, who has an unborn sibling of mine dead in her tummy,

Oh how I wish I could take away the sad look in my mother’s dying eyes,
Oh how I wish my village had roads so smooth as glass,
Oh how I wish my fathers and brothers make it on time to save my sick sister and my dying mother,
Oh Mr Politician can’t you see your sick child is dying?
Can you feel the sadness your mother is trying to tell you through her dying eyes?
Oh Mr Politician please make my wishes come true.


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