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Maoro Turana

The mongrel


An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

A mongrel that became a scoundrel
Is now alive and well in high places 
In such esteemed places of pomp and ceremony
Where the satin clad Monsieur
Rules with such simulated gentility and pride

A sombre, elusive character it really is
For it lurks behind every shadow
And yes, it masquerades behind every veil of deception
Lying in wait at every twist and turn
To play its way into the sapphire clad homes
Where the clink and clang of champagne- scented glasses
Where such low music, such crystal chandeliers
Bespeak elegance and sophistication.

Upon that misguided moment
The sombre character is led home to chandelier lit banquets
To wine and dine with the Monsieur’s household
In crimson and velvety sprinkled chambers.

What savage spirit has beguiled your heart?
To trade your immortal gem,
What utter foolishness has consumed your soul?
To mix and mingle with the imposter

Your feet must tread every which way
Till at last we all stumble upon the truth
The truth will lead you home, yes home!
Back to where all things must begin afresh.

Their bells will toll when the skies above them
Is darkened by a stream of sombre cloud
You and I must keep a vigil, shout the truth aloud
Lest we too may stole into the mongrel’s embrace.


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Robin Lillicrapp

Well phrased and reflective of humanity's meanderings, I think. Deserves a sequel.

Joycelin Leahy

Intriguing and true words. Well done Paul.

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