The song of the turtle
Suau: the sons of seafarers

Tired of being on the run


An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

Why the increase in violence
From the Highlands to the Islands
Neighbouring tribes with conflicts
Turn humble tribesmen into convicts
Why do we fight against each other?
When we should be living together
Threatening all parties into silence
An eye for an eye to balance
The pain inflicted on one
Aren’t you tired of being on the run?

Why the increase in criminal activity
When will we put an end to all this atrocity?
Why all this robbery in our main cities
From the streets to most guarded amenities
Such acts dictate our freedom of movement
Determining where one can and can’t go, like a covenant
It’s true some things are easier said than done
But aren’t you tired of being on the run?

Why can’t a sister go anywhere she wants to?
Or do anything she wants to do
Without being harassed or stalked
Assaulted or poked
Out of fear she increases her pace
To blend in, she changes her ways
Proponents of such terror are a disgrace
I pray this generation will introduce a new phase
Because being cautious all the time is no fun
Aren’t you tired of being on the run?

Why is police brutality on the rise?
Such reports are no longer a surprise
Why is nepotism intensifying in our industry?
Why can’t we get a job without contact in the ministry?
Shouldn’t we all be seen as an equal?
Let our generation put an end to this sequel
Let us all stand united as One,
As, for one, tired of being on the run.


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Hazel Kutkue

Beautiful Poetry

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