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XV Pacific Games 2015

PNG athletes in Samoa, 2007BESSIELAH DAVID

An entry in the Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

If I may see the paradise banner
Every fleeting moment counts
If I am bold and proud enough,
The golden lace will survive the years.

This is our time, these are our games
To fly it high – to raise the banner
To run the race – our feet light weight
To shine the torch – of sportsmanship

If I may see our kumul, the sky is the limit
As we run, we soar, in prideful glee
The pressure is on, “We’re ready to go!”
The drum beats roll, “We’re ready to roar!”

The baton tip shines –
The podium calls
Anticipation wild, hearts boom, boom!
Wrapped with banners, one two three

At last we hear the names being called
Hands pump the air, we shout with glee
On podium stands our bronze in third,
Our silver in second and our gold in first


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Bessielah David

Thanks Makoda and partners for showcasing PNG to the world. It was spectacular - an opening ceremony fit for a prince, if I may say, and a lot of PNGns are still talking about it and will be for years.

24 years after the '91 games, PNG has arrived at the centre stage of developments and modern facilities during this time is pride worth in gold!

Corney Korokan Alone

Full XV Pacific Games Opening Ceremony uploaded by EMTV to youtube for viewing here

Robin Lillicrapp

Peter: I hope you avoided Rose's expressions of joy as Loua Dika triumphantly smashed those weights down after a clean lift.

Peter Kranz

I was lucky to have my own expert commentator sitting next to me. The EMTV people seemed a bit ignorant about each province's bilas. One even described a group from Madang as being from Simbu!

Rose nearly threw her cup of coffee at the TV.

Peter Kranz

Martyn, I appreciate you comments about the expense of the Games, but think of the bigger picture.

PNG has provided a showcase to the rest of the world which can bring in tourists, investment and at least get people interested in PNG and help counter the ignorance that is so frequently shown.

Plus the sports facilities will be available for the public to enjoy for a generation, the accommodation will help the UPNG student housing disgrace, PNG sports will be invigorated, national pride will be boosted.

And surely this is a better expenditure of money than the millions secreted to off-shore accounts and shady property deals by PNG 'leaders'.

John Kaupa Kamasua

The opening ceremony was a spectacular feast of colors, sounds, cultural display and fireworks.

I think the creative people behind the opening have delivered what will become a memorable opening.

Go PNG!!

Peter Kranz

It was great! Pity that NITV cut off the feed just as the main speeches and official opening took place.

The singsing was spectacular, the music fantastic and the dance sequence showing Port Moresby becoming 'modernised' but perhaps losing it's traditional values in the process was very telling. And the banners in the style of Mathias Kauage were a lovely touch.

Well done PNG.

Robin Lillicrapp

It was good to put aside regular viewing in favour of the opening ceremony of the Pacific Games.

Congratulations to the organisers and participants for pulling off a theatrical coup. I'm sure that vision I saw will warm the hearts of viewers around the world.

Peter Kranz

Anyone in Oz wanting to watch the opening ceremony it's broadcast by NITV tonight from 7:00 pm.

Best of luck to Team PNG!

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