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A call to rally behind the Port Moresby Writers’ Association


A group of established writers and editors at the University of Papua New Guinea have put their weight behind the concept of the Port Moresby Writers Association.

It is anticipated that the group will also form the core of a panel of judges and mentors to aspiring writers.

The individuals are mostly drawn from the English Communication, and Language & Literature Strands of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at UPNG.

They include Russel Soaba, Sakarep Kamene, Philip Aratiso, Dr Steven Winduo and Aundo Aitau among others.

A group of committed volunteers have also put their hands up to spread the awareness and undertake a membership drive for the Association.

Letters have been written to the Education Division of the National Capital District Commission and information is being organised for distribution to schools, colleges and other learning institutions.

There is already keen interest on the UPNG campus with some students participating in the 2015Crocodile Prize.

A number of activities and programs are being planned for the remainder of this year and in 2016 including writers’ meetings at the UPNG Waigani campus, launching the Association this year, registration of writers in a database and connecting them to activities and programs and a voluntary outreach program including visits to schools and learning institutions.

A detailed program of activities for the remainder of 2015 will be revealed to writers at a meeting being planned for the end of this month.

Writers, novelists and poets and other interested people in Port Moresby are urged to email personal details to John Kaupa Kamasua at kamasujk@upng.ac.pg or sipakjk@gmail.com; alternatively to call 7310 2381

I have contact details of only some of the writers and regular contributors to PNG Attitude and am appealing to all writers to submit their contact details to me so that we keep you in the loop of the activities and programs being organised around the Association.


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John Kaupa Kamasua

Thanks Joycelin. Congratulations on winning the Croc Prize for Children'S Writing.

To those in POM, many writers and those interested people have shown their keen interest to be part of it.

I am also mighty proud of the POM-based writers in Baka, Kaupa, Hazel and others for winning the Croc Prize 2015 in the various categories this year!

Joycelin Leahy

Good for you!

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