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Croc Prize bigmen to discuss life beyond Phil & Keith


PAPUA New Guinea literature is blooming like an orchid tended with care by PNG Attitude, the Crocodile Prize and Pukpuk Publishing, each of which has offered so much.

Now it is time for Papua New Guineans to take on board the legacy of Phil Fitzpatrick and Keith Jackson. It is time to accept he challenge of driving and promoting literature in PNG following the fifth anniversary of the Crocodile Prize.

The primary objective of Phil and Keith has been to ensure that the concept of promoting PNG writing must continue under the management of Papua New Guineans.

Papua New Guineans need to take ownership to continue the success of the Crocodile Prize in the decades to come. Administration, editorial, sponsorship and publishing will be at the discretion of nationals to manage.

This is a heavy task to accomplish as Phil and Keith formally hand over responsibility to Papua New Guineans.

They feel obliged to pass on responsibility of their brainchild to PNG organisation, institutions and government agencies willing and able to drive its future success.

Who will take up their legacy? Which organisation or individual in PNG is ready to run the Crocodile Prize across the country?

Such questions pose a challenge for us. According to several articles in PNG Attitude, both Phil and Keith have been intentionally firing arrows at PNG institutions, politicians, organisations, government agencies and individuals to take ownership of the Crocodile Prize and accept for themselves the significance of PNG literature.

They are tasking the Papua New Guineans to take over a project which they have run for five years to show that we are capable of managing the Crocodile Prize into the next dimension.

There have been prominent politicians like Charles Abel, Gerry Juffa, Kerenga Kua, Noah Kool and Boka Kondra who have stood up to promote the growth of PNG literature in their capacity as leaders.

I was given the job of conveying the gratitude and applause of the Simbu Writers Association for these prominent politicians’ significant commitment and pledges.

Having in hand pledges for K20,000 from Sinesine Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua and K10,000 from Planning Minister Charles Abel, plus the business sponsors of the Prize, the fifth award event for the first time will inhale the cool breezes of Kundiawa at the home of PNG’s highest mountain.

“We never fail and so we will ensure it happens,” SWA president Jimmy Drekore assured his tireless executives.

“Shall we have an alternative plan if the commitments are not forthcoming?” asked author and committee member Francis Nii.

“We have plans B and C to fall back on to ensure it happens to set a precedent for other organisations in 2016,” Jimmy Drekore reaffirmed.

After a lengthy debate on financial constraints, SWA was positive that the event will eventuate. It will be formally declared as soon as the Crocodile Prize chairman and SWA president comes back from a workshop in Port Moresby.

The focus of the event will feature a discussion from various fans, sponsors, writers, poets and politicians about ‘life beyond Phil and Keith’.

Participants will throw around ideas and opinions to iron out the future prospects of PNG literature. What shall we do after Phil and Keith give the responsibility to Papua New Guineans to manage the Crocodile Prize in coming years?

We warmly welcome any brilliant ideas that readers may have to foster the growth and prosperity of the Crocodile Prize in PNG.


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Jimmy Awagl

Thanks for all your positive remarks

SWA is growing from the hearts of people who commit their free time to make it happen for the good course to enhance others.

A spirit of obtaining positive results shall not last on the dying bed.

Like minded people with hearts to literature will commit time for voluntarism to keep the PNG literature alive otherwise personal commitment will kill the objective of voluntarism.

Discussion on the future prospect of Crocodile Prize is crucial and the possible venue availiable now at Kundiawa the coming September 18-20.

Harry Poka

If anything, this should be taken up by the Education Department as one of its programs to fund it. Successful programs in the country are never taken ownership of by the responsible departments!

The yearly Operation Open Heart has never been taken up as a program by the Department of Health. We just cannot run huge national programs on goodwill alone.

I take my hat off to the SWA team to take ownership of a worthy program.

Barbara Short

Thanks Jimmy. At the moment I'm about to correct Bible study answers from a prisoner at Keravat CC then write him a letter of encouragement. Amazing as I taught at Keravat NHS for 7 years.

There must be a way of continuing the work of Keith and Phil. It just needs some people who are able to see what it is all about; getting people to write down their thoughts about life in a way that gets people interested and thinking about things.

There are so many topics to be thought about in PNG today e.g. types of development, your culture, corruption, government, problems, family, leadership, environment, and so on.

God bless you all and guide you.

Busa Jeremiah Wenogo

Excellent article Jimmy. Yes fully agree. The ball is now in our court.

Mathias Kin

Jim, excellent!

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