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Crocodile Prize information attract great interest in KundiawaJIMMY DREKORE

THE Crocodile Prize awards event posters hit Kundiawa town early on Thursday.

Big and colourful, they were pinned to public notice boards and in government buildings and drew large crowds (see picture).

Very soon the stories were spreading about the Crocodile Prize awards event to be held in the Simbu capital on 18-19 September, just after Papua New Guinea’s Independence Day. I was also asked to go on air to be interviewed by Radio Simbu and National Radio.

Crocodile Prize Sponsors and WinnersThere will be a great crowd at the event itself, including many teachers and students from throughout the province.

The VIPs include winning writers Philip Gena Kaupa (poetry), Emmanuel David Landu (illustration), Hazel Kutkue (short story), Busa Jeremiah Wenogo (essay); Baka Bina (book of the year), Joycelin Leahy (children’s), Konetero ‘Ronnie’ Dotaona (heritage) and Daniel Kumbon (tourism, arts & culture).

Bob Cleland – founder and sponsor of the Award for Heritage Writing, author and former kiap - will also be present along with well-known PNG writers Dominica Are, Bomai Witne, Arnold Mundua, Francis Nii, Jimmy Awagl and Sil Bolkin.

Amongst other prominent guests will be Dr Jane Awi and Bernard Yegiora from the Crocodile Prize Organisation, Dessie Mori znd Dixon Daii of the Simbu Writers Association, Guise Kola (First Secretary, Ministry of Education), Joe Kunda Naur MBE (Provincial Administrator) and 18 principals and headmasters from Simbu schools.

One of the highlights will be the launching of the Crocodile Prize Anthology 2015, the Simbu Schools Anthology 2015 and four books authored by Papua New Guineans who will be present at the event. So Simbu is set and really looking forward to hosting these 2015 Crocodile Prize Awards.


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`Robin Lillicrapp

Great organising, Jim. Wish I could be there.

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