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How you can help us get the Anthologies throughout PNG

Crocodile Prize Anthology coverKEITH JACKSON

FOR the second year running, the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia has provided a significant grant to assist publish the Crocodile Prize Anthology.

And we want our readers to help distribute it.

If you meet a few conditions we will provide lucky PNG readers with 10 free copies of the 400-page Anthology to hand out freely to libraries, schools, universities, hospitals, aid posts and other relevant places in the provinces and districts of Papua New Guinea.

Winners will also be permitted to keep a copy of the Anthology for themselves.

This is all you have to do:

(1)  Tell us where you will distribute the books

(2)  Tell us why these places should be given books

(3)  Tell us something about yourself

(4)  Provide us with your name and postal address

Send your email to us here responding to these four points, and we’ll let the lucky winners know when the books are on the way.

This scheme was used successfully in 2014 to get copies of the Anthology throughout Papua New Guinea – so let’s do it again.

The Anthology contains the best stories, poetry, essays and journalism from the Crocodile Prize contest. And every one of them is written by a Papua New Guinean about Papua New Guinea.

The people with the best distribution ideas will be sent 10 free copies of the book from our printers in the United States.


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Mathias Kin

Morning Keith. Thank you again for all the hard work you and Phil have put into this years anthologies.

My 20 copies 2014 Crocodile Prize Anthologies must have taken a boat from Pom all the way the Bismarck Sea, gone up the Sepik as far as Pagwi, walked up to Heyfield, across to Maprik and on the Sepik highway back to Wewak and boarded an Air Niugini to Hagen and took PMV down to all I received my most prized commodity 5 months later! But it did get here. Thank you.

We used them all, with the other SWA members copies, in our SWA activities among schools of Simbu, we even gave copies to the Honourable MPs, the Administrator and principals of schools and as prize awards at schools. We used most of the copies at the 2015 Kondiu/SWA Provincial Literacy Competition.

I would really appreciate if I can be given some copies of the 2015 anthologies so that we can continue to use them in our SWA work.

The most well-travelled anthologies in PNG! Send me the requested details again Mathias so I can add you to the list. There are many copies heading for Simbu already and I want to make sure they're going to different destinations - KJ

Francis Nii

Some copies for SWA to distribute to high and secondary schools in Simbu. There are 20 in total and five technical schools and one teachers college.

Schools were very happy when they received the 2014 anthology. They will be happy to receive this years copies. It will also compliment our literature drive in the schools.

I already sent you my address, Keith.

Daniel Ipan Kumbon

Me too, Keith. Send me copies direct for distribution to the schools here. I will have something on hand to talk to students and teachers about.

My address in Port Moresby is with Phil. Send it there. I will pick it up with my second shipment of my book.

I want people wanting to distribute anthologies to contact me by email responding to the questions posed in the article. This is the most efficient way for me to deal with the many requests I receive- KJ

Michael Dom

Support this. You have my details Keith. I'll be in touch.

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