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PNG’s grand chief reflects on how he helped build a nation

There ain’t any money in writing


Writing is an ambition
I write about anything
Wherever my interest goes
Call myself poet, essayist or novelist
But there ain’t any money in writing

I am a writer
Exploiting my intellect
Speaking my mind
Producing my best
But there ain’t any money in writing

Many times I wonder
Why Education ain’t buying my books?
Why schools aren’t buying?
Why students aren’t reading?
But there ain’t any money in writing

Yet I aspire
Still I struggle
Producing volumes
That collect dust in the house
For there ain’t any money in writing


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Jimmy Awagl

This one of the issues faced by PNG Authors.
Books are not becoming a marketable commodity but we will still write as long as it is our ambition.

I hope this poem will be recited infront of the authorities is a matter of fact for them to consider.

Thanks for you wonderful remarks.

Arnold  Mundua

Spot on! You said all and beyond doubt proved it too. Good one, angra.

Philip G Kaupa

Yes my angra, but it doesn't matter, there will come a generation where they will acknowledge our work as legends and money can't buy that fame.

Bro Jimmy, keep writing and write anything for infinity will be our prize! Keep it coming bro, as I will.

Barbara Short

Ever thus, Jimmy.

I remember, as a university student in the 1950s, haunting the "alternate" bookshops in Sydney and buying these thin collections of the works of the up and coming writers.There were lots of them.

I often used to sit next to Les Murray in the Fisher Library (Sydney Uni library), as he never spoke! At least he "made" it! Ha! By the way, Clive James was my pet hate. And he "made" it!

Just keep plodding on.

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