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A thought at this time

University_of_GorokaBOMAI D WITNE

A personal reflection on the current impasse at the University of Goroka.
TMT is the ‘top management team’, a term used by the vice chancellor
and pro chancellors at the university

I came here myself
You came here yourself
You came before me
I came after you
Schooled at different times
You went up, saw the sign ‘TMT’
I was your hand
I may be stupid but I have a family

He is your friend, give him ‘T’
She is your friend, give her ‘M’
I am your friend, a subordinate, give me ‘T’
Together we are TMT

I got shouted at and intimidated; you say government business must go on
I got locked out; you say work from home
I got three weeks to go; you say academic senate’s decision is final
I say I have a voice; you say you have an ear
A new future is born

This room, I was threatened and told to stop with 60 students
This room I wait with 6 students today, 36 gone
This room got broken glass, 36 students got scared
This room lost its peace and tranquility, a devil’s hub
This room used to be one of dialogue, now a monologue
This room lost her soul, a lifeless space

If you tell me, tell them too
If you tell them, tell us too
If we have rules, show us
If we have values, show us
If we share a common space, show us
If we have a future show us

You cannot build a future, our common space, yourself.


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Philip G Kaupa

Yalkuna a straight insight on the events rolling at your place. I like, wai wo.

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