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Could a child hold the key to peace?


An entry in the 2015 Rivers Award
for Writing on Peace & Harmony

WHEN we were children we craved only love, peace and joy.

Such was our exuberance of spirit that, when we slept in the night, we ached for the new day to come quickly.

To a child, every new day is enveloped in the warmth of the sun and the loving arms of parents.

Being a child is universal. Every one of us was once a child.

When you see children standing in a circle holding to each other’s arms, it is out of love for each other.

Their friendship is oblivious to distance, colour, creed and race.

Outside this circle, the rumbling and grumbling sound of the world’s troubles makes no sense.

The guns and tanks bombing from a distance with thunderous sounds are like toy soldiers at war.  Such is the naivety of childhood.

Children’s ears are rendered deaf by the sound of laughter. Their eyes are blinded by the colour of love. Their minds are unrestrained by the dogmas of this world.

Children play until they fall weak with hunger or thirst. At night they sleep at ease while still playing in their dreams.

Could a child hold the key to peace?

I was told peace can only be dealt with by philosophers, politicians, diplomats and religious leaders.

But why should it be that way?

Peace should not be complicated.

Follow a child into the garden, the woods or the jungle and you will see peace in its purest and simplest form.

Let us immerse ourselves in a child’s innocence and carefreedom.

Let us become a child to find the key to peace.

Could a child hold the key to peace?

No hate, no bigotry, no tyranny, just laughter

See the tears in the eyes of a child, they are tears of tenderness.

Wipe away the tears and peace stares back at you.

Could a child hold the key to peace?

Yes, I have no doubt. Like you, I was once a child.

Madang childWhen troubles of this world surround me, I close my eyes and wish I was a child again.

Adulthood replaced hope with hopelessness

When we were children, peace was not impossible.

We breathed, bathed and surround ourselves in peace. Such is the world of children.

I don’t care what I am told about peace.

I once found peace when I was a child.


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