Linguistic harmony
Silent victory



An entry in the 2015 Rivers Award
for Writing on Peace & Harmony

Don’t let those bitter words be the last thing we hear
Don’t let that anger make you a monster
Don’t walk away when your feet shouldn’t move
Don’t let pride and ignorance cost your happiness

Don’t harbour ill feelings, nothing good will come of it
Don’t listen to other people, theirs isn’t the life we have
Don’t yap so much you push him away, he’s trying too
Don’t be dogmatic, be rational; it works both ways

Don’t be too quick to judge, it isn’t your place
Don’t bring up the past, let go and move forward
Don’t play the blame game, we’re in this together
Don’t give up on each other, there’s still room to grow

Ours is a love that withstood the test of time, distance, betrayal, ugly truths, misunderstandings and mistrust. 

Ours is the kind of love that grows and never stops growing, the kind that can’t bear to be apart from each other, the kind that, at the end of the day, home is where you are.

The kind that is strengthened through disagreement and argument and finds peace in a simple hug.


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Florence Castro-Salle

Thank you both..

Bessielah David

Florence,This is a great instruction to superficial duplicity and conundrum of relationships. Good one!

Lapieh Landu


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