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Enough of this. Enough disunity, corruption and greed


An entry in the 2015 Rivers Award
for Writing on Peace & Harmony

PAPUA New Guinea is a country of spectacular beauty cultural diversity – more than 800 distinct cultures.

There is something of a price to pay for this diversity, though, and it comes in the form of a people still divided along tribal lines.

Tribal conflicts in the highlands are common, people killed, houses destroyed, families suffer. Innocent women, children and the aged are often the victims of such immoral acts.

Sometimes fights break out between Morobeans and Sepiks while Madang and Sandaun people are seen as peace loving. But this too is changing. Madang is becoming a cowboy place, especially the town.

The National Capital District is the most dangerous part of PNG. You can’t walk by yourself at night and, in some areas, even in broad daylight. Carjacking, pickpocketing, arm robbery and a range of violent crimes are common in the capital city of the nation.

PNG has walked a long journey in 40 years of independence but still our national identity is lacking. Most people in all walks of life still can’t define their national identity.

Every Independence Day, you will notice that most people prefer carrying provincial flags while only a few national flags are to be seen.

The national flag – the resplendent Kumul - represents our identity as a united nation, one people and one country. But often we act as if we are living in disunity.

Forty years have gone and what have we achieved in defining our national identity? Forty years have gone and we are still divided along tribal and regional lines. Forty years have gone and what has the government done to build national identity?

For the sake of peace, harmony and unity, we must find our common identity and move into the next chapter of our history to maintain peace and unity in one of the world’s most linguistically and culturally diverse nations.

Moses was a son of an Israeli slave raised in the palace of Ferro the King of Egypt. By the love of God, he was called to rescue the children of Israel. Forty years they walked in the wilderness. Moses died but the children of Israel reached the land of Canaan which is full of milk and honey.

In PNG we fight, we kill, we rape, we curse and we hate each other. Enough of this. Enough of this corruption and greed.

We must unite now under our national flag and accept our common identity as one country, Papua New Guinea.


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Daniel Ipan Kumbon

Steve, keep writing to inspire the young generation. Alert them to the realities of today. And its healthy to have natonalist feelings welling up in you.

Martinez Wasuak

Great piece my brother.

Fidelis Sukina

Great story, Steve, a call to nationalism; something really hard these days but we hope for better in the near future.

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