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Gary JuffaONE PNG

ORO Governor Gary Juffa has blamed Papua New Guinean media organisations for not being impartial in their work and deliberately avoiding reporting on sensitive issues affecting the country.

Mr Juffa said, of all the journalists who are currently reporters, less than five would be reliably doing the right thing.

He said a greater majority of reporters appear to be on the take of some government or corporate entity.

“Where are the in-depth stories into matters of concern to the public such as the Sustainable Agriculture Business Leases (SABLs), the Pacific Maritime Industrial Zone (PMIZ) scam, the sea bed mining saga, the numerous inquiries that went nowhere and the inflated contracts that go to dubious companies?” Mr Juffa asked.

“Where are the atrocities in West Papua and other major stories that should be brought to the attention of our people?

“Where is the fairness and fearlessness of the media that we once appreciated?

“Where are the incisive questions demanding answers on behalf of our people?”

Mr Juffa said most journalists were on various government paid trips throughout the country or overseas and singing praises of what was essentially the sale of PNG.

Governor Juffa quoted a statement by American freedom fighter Malcolm X who said: “If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

He said if journalists continue to fail their prime responsibility in reporting the truth on sensitive matters affecting the country and the state of its economy, they could lead the public to believe the same.


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Francis Nii

Up here we lose trust of the journalists because they always demand up front payment before reporting an event etc. Double dipping journalism at its worst.

Also corrupt and unethical behaviour - KJ

Martinez Wasuak

I agreed with you Governor Juffa.

Information sharing is vital for the progress of our country. But Fidelis' point is another thing to consider.

How can we address such issue so everyone can have the freedom of expression as stated in our Constitution?

If we would like our country to move forward (and not backward) for development activities after this 40 years on, our mindset should change as educated elites and not educated fools.

Michael Dom

Journalism is dead in PNG. Those are the cadavers you're dealing with Mr Juffa.

As for whistle blowers, they are few and far between, whereas most good public servants would not become privy to the activities of their corrupt cohorts.

Bad public servants are busy blowing their bosses trumpet. Or was that the journalists I was thinking of...?

Fidelis Sukina

Very true Mr Juffa. I try my best as a reporter to get stories out but there are no whistle blowers willing to risk their lives to bring out corruption its a democracy.

We need balanced stories, good comments and other solid leads from the accused as well but editors don't want stories that threaten a lawsuit.

I do crave the chance of a well written investigative piece but it seems we are suppressed by fear of payback and for Papua New Guinean journalists its not worth it.

Some journalists don't want to risk their safety, especially on such meagre pay packets, on right wing - left wing politics, and besides media organisations seem to be all about advertising and getting the business going.

If Papua New Guineans love their country, come forward and help get the truth out.

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